Challenge 13

Mental Health: Access to Acute Psychiatric Beds

Executive Summary Checklist

  • Survey and assess stakeholder support for those who are in need of a psychiatric bed registry.
  • Increase and secure “buy in” with key players by continued education of need.
  • Implement a real-time electronic bed tracking system.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders who would be using the system.
  • Ongoing monitoring to maintain system in order to adhere to current standards and protocols.
  • Share data for times bed system is full and total bed need is not able to be met.

Between the 2017 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit and the 2017 Midyear Planning Meeting a workgroup comprised of experts representing administrators, clinicians, technologists and patient advocates will meet to update this APSS. If you are interested in joining this workgroup, please email us.