Be the Change

Healthcare professionals are the frontline of patient safety. Your experience, insight into challenges, and commitment are absolutely essential to achieving the goal of ZERO preventable deaths by 2020.

In addition to collaborating with healthcare leaders like Intermountain Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White Health, and MedStar Health System, we are challenging healthcare technology companies to make their patient-safety data interoperable – so that at-risk patients will be identified before they are in serious danger.

To the Patient Safety Movement, ZERO is not just a number – it’s our mission. Healthcare professionals are going to be the change that gets us there, so we want to serve as your go-to professional resource for patient safety.

With the input of leading clinicians, technologists, and patient-safety specialists, the Movement has identified specific Challenges for causes of preventable patient death that can be addressed today. For each challenge, we’ve drafted specific addressable solutions that your institution can implement now. We call them Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) and invite you to review them, share them with your colleagues, and contribute to the development of additional APSS.

Every year brings new developments in patient safety. That’s why the Movement is pleased to offer CME credits for your staff that complete patient-safety training modules focusing on a range of patient-safety issues.

Our annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit has emerged as the preeminent patient safety conference in the country – where committed clinicians, leading healthcare technologists, passionate patient advocates, and innovative policymakers challenge the status quo, exchange ideas, refine patient safety protocols, and review new safety-oriented technologies.

We continue to gather and publish moving Patient Stories of preventable death. These stories put a human face on the mortality numbers and serve as powerful reminders for every stakeholder in patient safety of the importance of putting an end to these preventable tragedies.

Additional Resources available to you and your colleagues through the Movement include checklists for patient safety, a range of safety guidebooks for patients and their families, and easy access to new reports and books on improving patient safety.

Finally, we invite your institution to take a leadership role in the Patient Safety Movement: join more than 100 other healthcare professionals and healthcare technology companies including Intermountain Healthcare, Baylor Scott & White Health, MedStar Health, GE Medical, and Philips by making a professional (non-monetary) Commitment to help achieve our objective.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

The Patient Safety Movement is about taking action today so that another patient may live tomorrow. These Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) detail specific, achievable solutions to common patient safety challenges. Each APSS offers Leadership and Practice plans that your institution can begin to implement quickly. We encourage you to download the APSS and share them with all of your colleagues with responsibility for any aspect of patient safety.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

The following stories are full of the heartache you know all too well. By sharing these stories, family and friends have turned their tragedies into positive action. If you would like to discuss sharing your story through the Patient Safety Movement, please connect with us or view all Patient Stories in the Challenges & Solutions section.

  • Amanda Abbiehl

    As parents of a teenage daughter, our worst fears were that our daughter would become pregnant, take drugs, or drink […] Read More »

  • Emily Jerry

    Emily Jerry was diagnosed with a yolk sac tumor about the size of a grapefruit when she was about 18 […] Read More »

  • Chris Salazar

    By society’s standards, he wasn’t very significant. He wasn’t famous; he wasn’t a political figure; he wasn’t a scholar. In […] Read More »

  • Bill Aydt

    Dad was lucky, at first. He was in the final stages of a disease that had thickened his lung tissue […] Read More »

Make a Commitment

Make a Commitment

We’re not asking for a financial contribution. We’re asking for something much more valuable: your recognition of the severity of this challenge and your eagerness to contribute to enduring solutions. Specifically, we ask you to implement at least one of the Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) developed collaboratively by the Patient Safety Movement and other healthcare leaders, or to develop your own commitment to a different challenge. New commitments are highlighted at our annual Summit and organizations that make the commitment are offered special access and savings at the event.

Sponsor the Summit

Sponsor the Summit

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