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You may have lost someone you loved or know someone who has. If that is the case, we would like to express our deepest sympathy.

We can’t explain why a place of healing became a cause of tragedy. What we can do is much more modest: extend an invitation to you to join patient advocates, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, and sons and daughters who are working passionately towards a single goal – ZERO preventable deaths by 2020.

If you’re ready to Join the Movement, we will welcome you – with gratitude and appreciation. Your story and donation will become an integral part of the narrative driving the Patient Safety Movement forward.

Visit our resource page to educate yourself or a loved one during a hospital visit. Many of these resources were developed by patients, for patients.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

The following stories are full of the heartache you know all too well. By sharing these stories, family and friends have turned their tragedies into positive action. If you would like to discuss sharing your story through the Patient Safety Movement, please connect with us or view all Patient Stories in the Challenges & Solutions section.

  • Donna Helen Crisp

    Upon entering a large teaching hospital for surgery one hot summer morning, I expected to go home the next day, […] Read More »

  • Charles Bates II

    Yogiraj Charles Bates died from a hospital acquired venous thromboembolism (HA-VTE), the most common cause of hospital-related death in the […] Read More »

  • Michael Skolnik

    The last normal day of Michael’s life began like any other. He was sitting on the couch playing with the […] Read More »

  • Brian Boyle

    Every patient in the hospital has a story and an experience. It was a horrific car crash. On the way […] Read More »

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

If you would like to discuss sharing your story through the Patient Safety Movement, please connect with us.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

After extensive research and input from doctors, nurses, healthcare technologists, and patient-safety specialists, the leaders of the Patient Safety Movement drafted and published detailed solutions for common causes of preventable patient death. We call these Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). Hospitals committed to the Movement have agreed to implement at least one of these APSS or another proven solution at their institution. It’s just one of the collaborative steps we’re taking towards our common goal.

Follow Our Progress

Follow Our Progress

The Patient Safety Movement has an active and growing online community. Please join the discussion and contribute your feelings and thoughts about ending preventable patient deaths by 2020.

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