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From both human and financial perspectives, the cost of preventable patient death is staggering:

  • 200,000 deaths per year affecting millions of family members, friends, and colleagues
  • $1.44 trillion per year to treat medical errors

But, as with any challenge of this magnitude, the opportunity to achieve positive change is equally vast.

The Patient Safety Movement is a “big tent” organization that invites the contributions of the broadest spectrum of policy professionals: patient advocates, public officials, public health professionals, and healthcare reformers. The Patient Safety Movement welcomes you all to the fight.

We invite you to review our Challenges & Solutions–– and then contribute your own expertise to the identification of new challenges and the formulation of additional solutions.

Although it’s a painful experience, we encourage you to read our Patient Stories. If you need any additional evidence that preventable death is a major public health issue, you’ll find it there.

Finally, we invite you to attend the World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit. Attending the Summit, which has emerged as the preeminent patient safety conference in the nation, is an excellent way for you to get immersed––quickly and deeply––in the Movement. You are sure to come away with new policy directions to explore.

Policy Resources

Policy Resources

Aligning incentives in healthcare to promote patient safety and eliminate preventable medical errors is core to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s mission. To this end, the Foundation has developed a number of rapidly-implementable public policy recommendations that will enable us to reach our goal of ZERO preventable deaths by 2020.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges & Solutions

In addition to challenging healthcare technology companies on interoperability, the Patient Safety Movement is challenging healthcare providers. Specifically, we are asking them to commit to implement at least one of the Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). These solutions are not possible without the innovative and interoperable products that your companies develop. We invite you to peruse the APSS to see how your technology will get us to ZERO.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

The following stories are full of the heartache you may know all too well. By sharing these stories, family and friends have turned their tragedies into positive action. If you would like to discuss sharing your story through the Patient Safety Movement, please connect with us or view all Patient Stories in the Challenges & Solutions section.

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    Yogiraj Charles Bates died from a hospital acquired venous thromboembolism (HA-VTE), the most common cause of hospital-related death in the […] Read More »

  • Candace Downing

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  • Curtis Bentley

    My 65-year-old father, Curtis James J Bentley, underwent successful surgery to place a stent in his heart. He was discharged […] Read More »

Follow Our Progress

Follow Our Progress

The Patient Safety Movement has an active and growing online community. Please join the discussion and contribute your feelings and thoughts about ending preventable patient deaths by 2020.