Brian Boyle

Every patient in the hospital has a story and an experience. It was a horrific car crash. On the way home from swim practice in 2004, eighteen-year old Brian Boyle’s future changed in an instant when a dump truck plowed into his vehicle. He was airlifted […] Read More  »

Candace Downing

Candace’s story is a horrific reminder of the damage medical error can cause. At eleven years of age, Candace was prescribed an antidepressant, not for depression, but for test anxiety at school. After several months with no noticeable change, the dose was doubled. Candace eventually had a […] Read More  »

Charles Bates II

Yogiraj Charles Bates died from a hospital acquired venous thromboembolism (HA-VTE), the most common cause of hospital-related death in the United States. He was and continues to be revered for his extraordinary mind and loving nature by people around the world. His contributions as an author, […] Read More  »

Curtis Bentley

My 65-year-old father, Curtis James J Bentley, underwent successful surgery to place a stent in his heart. He was discharged from the hospital and I was told that he was “100% clear.” While recuperating at home, however, he started bleeding. He was coughing up blood, having […] Read More  »

Daniel Stratman

On July 10, 1996, we took our precious 11-year old son to the Children’s Hospital for what was to be a routine inguinal hernia surgery.  Daniel was no stranger to Children’s, having undergone three open heart surgeries there over the course of his short life.   Those […] Read More  »

Donna Helen Crisp

Upon entering a large teaching hospital for surgery one hot summer morning, I expected to go home the next day, to rest and recover before going back to work the following week.  Unfortunately, fate had a different plan for me.  My surgeons unknowingly damaged my bowel […] Read More  »

Meredith Essenburg

Meredith was born full term on 9/16/09. She was a surprise since I was 43 (at time of conception) and all attempts to become pregnant had failed since our son was born 5 years previous (including 4 miscarriages). In April/May of 2009, we learned that Meredith […] Read More  »

Michael Skolnik

The last normal day of Michael’s life began like any other. He was sitting on the couch playing with the family’s new puppy. Suddenly, he inexplicably passed out. When Michael regained consciousness, the 22-year-old EMT and nursing student knew he had to get to the emergency […] Read More  »

Drew Hughes

At the time, I was working in the information services department at our local hospital. I was still at work when one of Drew’s older brothers called to tell me Drew had an accident on his skateboard. Drew grew up skateboarding around the neighborhood with his friends. They would go from house to […] Read More  »

Glenn Saarinen

My dad, Glenn, spent a lifetime being viewed as a leader, counselor and outgoing friend to many.  From his training and work in ministry to being named head of safety for one of the largest steelworkers’ unions in the country, his life impacted those around him […] Read More  »

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