Damon Weber

Damon Daniel Weber, born 8/8/88 with congenital heart disease, had two successful surgical repairs by the age of four, and thrived into his teen years. A top student at one of the nation’s leading magnet schools, he was a theater director and actor who made his […] Read More  »

Dan Ford

Dan Ford developed a deep passion for patient safety as a result of medical errors experienced in Illinois by his first wife, Diane, and the inhumane treatment experienced when he asked Diane’s providers logical questions about what happened. The mother of three children (11, 14, and […] Read More  »

Dan Markingson

Dan was the son of Mary Weiss. He was a gifted student and as a single mom, she was proud of his academic accomplishments. After graduating in 2000 with a degree in English, Dan moved to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. Mary visited […] Read More  »

Daniel Stratman

On July 10, 1996, we took our precious 11-year old son to the Children’s Hospital for what was to be a routine inguinal hernia surgery.  Daniel was no stranger to Children’s, having undergone three open heart surgeries there over the course of his short life.   Those […] Read More  »

Dave Bunoski

In the fall of 2013, my husband Dave Bunoski and I were spending the weekend at our cottage on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We had purchased the weekend home six months prior and we were in love with our little slice of the pie. We’d attended a […] Read More  »

Deann Merchant

I’m an artist, an advocate, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and most recently a victim of dental malpractice. I was actively pursuing my passion as a Semi-professional “Singer/Song Writer/Radio Host/Animal Activist” until the reality of declining health forced me out of everything I loved and […] Read More  »

Diana Brookins

Diana Christine Brookins was born on a snowy February afternoon at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in 1979. She died on July 25, National Patient Safety Day, 2004. For 25 years, she was the life and light of her immediate and extended family and an entire community […] Read More  »

DJ Sterner

On September 19, 2010, I suffered the greatest loss of my life. My husband, Donald James (DJ) Sterner died unexpectedly and needlessly due to a food poisoning infection he contracted while an inpatient at a Texas hospital. In short, his intestines were broken down by Clostridium […] Read More  »

Donna Helen Crisp

Upon entering a large teaching hospital for surgery one hot summer morning, I expected to go home the next day, to rest and recover before going back to work the following week.  Unfortunately, fate had a different plan for me.  My surgeons unknowingly damaged my bowel […] Read More  »

Drew Hughes

At the time, I was working in the information services department at our local hospital. I was still at work when one of Drew’s older brothers called to tell me Drew had an accident on his skateboard. Drew grew up skateboarding around the neighborhood with his friends. They would go from house to […] Read More  »

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