Josh Barron

It only took a matter of moments for my world to fall part apart that Spring day. We were just a few minutes from our house as we returned from a family vacation when a driver raced through a stop sign and crashed into our vehicle. My […] Read More  »

Josie King

Josie King was admitted to the hospital after suffering severe burns from climbing into a hot bath. She had healed, and was set to return home two weeks later. Josie died days before she was to be released. She had an undetected central line infection and […] Read More  »

Justin Micalizzi

On January 15, 2001, Justin Micalizzi, a healthy 11-year old boy, was taken into surgery to incise and drain a swollen ankle. He was dead by 7:55 the next morning, leaving behind two grieving and bewildered parents who desperately wanted to know why their son had […] Read More  »

Kate Hallisy

Our daughter Kate lost her life to an incurable cancer. Unfortunately, her journey was made even more challenging by life threatening hospital-acquired infection, misdiagnosis, and significant and permanent loss of lung function from septic shock. We knew that we were facing a great battle with Kate’s […] Read More  »

Kerry O’Connell

My second orthopedic surgeon began each day’s medical record with the phrase “Patient Kerry O’Connell is a very personable 48 year-old male with a very complicated arm.” I grew pretty fond of that brief summary of my life. My complications started when I fell off a […] Read More  »

Kimberly Elfersy

Hello, I’m Kimberly and I want to share this story so that other patients who have chronic anemia and intestinal bleeding and are not getting better may find an answer. I don’t want what happened to me happen to another patient. I am a mother, wife, […] Read More  »

Kristine Brite McCormick

After a healthy pregnancy, great prenatal care, and being given a clean bill of health at the hospital, Kristine took her seemingly healthy, pink-toned newborn Cora home in December, 2009. Three days later, she was feeding Cora when she suddenly stopped breathing and died in her […] Read More  »

Leah Coufal

Ten years ago, Lenore Alexander’s healthy, 11-year-old daughter, Leah Coufal, underwent elective surgery to correct pectus carinatum at a prestigious Southern California hospital. Though the surgery went well, Lenore awoke at 2 a.m. on the second post-operative night to find Leah “dead in bed,” a victim […] Read More  »

Lewis Blackman

Lewis Beckman was one of those children who just shines. For all his short life, he seemed to float effortlessly to the top no matter what he tried to do. He was a soccer player, a saxophone player, a writer, an actor in community theater, one […] Read More  »

Lloyd Monserratt

Ten years ago, a young California political leader entered a Los Angeles hospital for gall bladder removal and bariatric surgery and died three days later with no cause given for his death. Lloyd Monserratt was a 36 year-old man who believed in community empowerment and social […] Read More  »

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