Mark Hoefen

Mark was 26 years old and living in Florida. He collapsed one day while out with friends and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was taken to the hospital, where he was fully conscious until he was placed into a drug-induced coma. On the second day […] Read More  »

Meredith Essenburg

Meredith was born full term on 9/16/09. She was a surprise since I was 43 (at time of conception) and all attempts to become pregnant had failed since our son was born 5 years previous (including 4 miscarriages). In April/May of 2009, we learned that Meredith […] Read More  »

Michael Skolnik

The last normal day of Michael’s life began like any other. He was sitting on the couch playing with the family’s new puppy. Suddenly, he inexplicably passed out. When Michael regained consciousness, the 22-year-old EMT and nursing student knew he had to get to the emergency […] Read More  »

Millie Niss

“An underlying medical condition” is no excuse for lethal medical errors. Millie Niss was a much-published web artist and poet. She was my only child and a wonderful daughter. She was a talented patient advocate due to a lifetime of painful and debilitating illness, diagnosed as Behcet’s […] Read More  »

Nancy Conrad

At the emergency room, staff first thought the 69 year-old’s injuries were minor, but he died from internal bleeding about five hours later. He was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Following the death of her husband, Nancy co-founded the Community Emergency Healthcare Initiative, […] Read More  »

Nile Moss

Nile Moss took his first breath of air in a California hospital on August 23, 1990. His parents welcomed Nile with hope and great joy. Fifteen years later, Nile Moss struggled for his last breath of air in a California hospital, the victim of a hospital-acquired […] Read More  »

Nora Boström

If I had not witnessed it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. How could anyone have so much bad luck? How could bad luck be so devastating? Nora’s bad luck began even before she was born. I was young and healthy with no pregnancy […] Read More  »

Norma Reiners

My name is Brenda Ludens. I have been employed as a Respiratory Therapist for 23 years at a hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. My Mother, Norma Reiners, was a resident of a rehab unit in Sioux Falls from Aug. 27 to Oct. 13, 2014. At that […] Read More  »

Richie Rudkin

This is a picture of Richie’s last birthday. He told us it was his Golden Birthday because he turned 27 on the 27th (of January).  He said his life would have good things ahead. Richie was well educated, graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington […] Read More  »

Roger Jukich

My husband, Roger, was admitted to a South Carolina hospital with pneumonia and an embolism. He began to improve and after a week in the hospital we were told he was ready for discharge. Then the hospitalist shared with us that Roger had gotten too much […] Read More  »

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