The Patient Safety Movement Foundation now offers a new approach that gives hospitals the chance to reach the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s 5-star hospital status. This 5-star program is based on the number of commitments hospitals have made in alignment with processes designed to help them eliminate preventable deaths, called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS).

Beginning in 2018, hospitals that voluntarily join the Patient Safety Movement Foundation can become a 5-star hospital by making commitments in alignment with the PSMF’s 18 challenges and 34 solutions. We know that implementing the APSS, as part of a comprehensive patient safety program, helps hospitals reduce preventable patient deaths. We believe all hospitals can become a 5-star hospital within our network, helping us get one step closer to our shared vision of ZERO. We cannot hope for zero, we must plan for zero.

Hospitals that have Achieved 5-Star

9. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Darthmouth-Hitchcock headquartered in New Hampshire received the PSMF’s 5-star hospital award, making a total of 18 commitments, with 24 total points.

Dr. David Mayer, CEO of PSMF, virtually presented the award to Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Associate Chief Quality Officer, Quality Assurance & Safety, Lori B. Key, MBA, RN, and Chief Quality & Value Officer, George T. Blike, MD, MHCDS.

“We’re very honored to receive this award and very pleased to be part of this movement and committed to a group that has the philosophy of ‘all teach, all learn and all improving’ when it comes to patient safety,” said Blike. “The spirit of sharing, learning, growth and improvement is what we value as an organization.”

You can view the presentation here:


(L to R) Barry Arbuckle, president & CEO, MemorialCare; Helen Macfie, Chief Transformation Officer, MemorialCare; Joe Kiani, founder and CEO, Masimo and founder, PSMF; Tammie Brailsford, COO, MemorialCare; Jim Leo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MemorialCare

MemorialCare Health System headquartered in Foundation Valley, California received the PSMF’s 5-star hospital award, making a total of 16 commitments, with 22 total points.

“Patient safety and quality of care are always top of mind and top of heart at MemorialCare. I commend the incredible work PSMF is doing to bring together health systems, healthcare technology companies, patient advocates and others to dramatically improve patient safety.”- President and CEO, Barry Arbuckle.

“This award is a testament to our outstanding team of physicians, nurses and other caregivers. It is their dedication and commitment to best practices and our bold goals for safety that allows MemorialCare to provide the highest levels of care to our community each day.” – Chief Transformation Officer, Helen Macfie.


The newest 5-Star Hospitals receiving their awards on stage at the Midyear Planning Meeting on September 17, 2019.

These three hospital systems were announced on the 1st Annual World Patient Safety Day that they have reached 5-Star status. World Patient Safety Day also coincided with the Foundation’s Midyear Planning Meeting.

“Dignity Health has been working to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes because we know what’s at stake—how critical this work is to the people who come to us for care,” said Robert Wiebe, MD, Chief Medical Officer for CommonSpirit Health. “We and other health systems strive to achieve zero preventable deaths, which is why we’ve implemented the APSS and many other initiatives.”

“As we continually find ways to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes, we look to extend these practices to other healthcare systems around the World,” said Stephen R. T. Evans, MedStar Health Executive Vice President, Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer. “We are proud of our partnership with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and its mission to eliminate preventable patient deaths in hospitals. Through the APSS shared-learning model, all healthcare systems can move from information to action.”

“Our mission is to consistently provide high-quality, safe and compassionate patient experiences,” said Tami Minnier, UPMC chief quality officer. “We strive to be leaders in continually improving quality and safety through education, best practices, leadership development and innovation.”


Joe Kiani, Founder and Chairman, and Ariana Longley, Chief Operating Officer of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation present Dr. Maria Minon, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, Dr. James Cappon, with a plaque recognizing CHOC Children’s for becoming the first 5-Star Children’s Hospital at the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

CHOC Children’s in Orange, California is the first children’s hospital to receive our 5-star hospital award, making commitments that align with all APSS relevant to pediatrics, with 26 total points.

“We have been engaged with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation since year 1, and have benefitted immensely from both its input and output. It is not incidental that Mr. Kiani is a member of our Board of Directors and chairs our Board Quality Committee. In the last two years, we have significantly expanded our approach to include all APSS [Executive Summary Checklists] applicable to pediatric care, which is our specialty and passion. I would love that this isn’t always easy, given the appetite and energy for expansion within the patient safety realm by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.”- Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, Dr. James Cappon.


Joe Kiani, Founder and Chairman, and Ariana Longley, Chief Operating Officer of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation present Hospital Español representatives with a plaque for becoming the first international 5-Star Hospital at the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

Hospital Español in Mexico City, Mexico is the first international hospital to receive our 5-star hospital award, making a total of 17 commitments, with 23 points total.

“We are proud to be the first hospital outside of the United States to be recognized for this award. The improvement in patient safety is based on a systemic approach, in which leadership starting with the board of directors of the hospital, multidisciplinary teams and the commitment of our personnel result in continuous improvement and a culture of safety. We want to make sure that patients that are treated in our hospital, can be confident that they will receive the best care by reducing the risk of an error, because we understand that patient safety must be a priority in all aspects of care.”- Quality and Patient Safety Coordinator, Luis Torres Torija.

Joe Kiani, PSMF Founder and Chairman, presents Dr. William Wilson UCI Health’s Chief Medical Officer with the Five-Star Hospital Certificate

UCI Health in Orange, California is the second hospital to reach a 5-star hospital, making a total of 29 commitments, with 35 total points.

“We are continually finding ways to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. We have implemented robust strategies in our hospital environment and are now looking at ways to extend these processes into our ambulatory environment. In two weeks’ time, we will begin reporting at our daily safety huddles how long it’s been since we had a preventable harm or witnessed someone who didn’t use proper hand hygiene. Whenever there is a breach in our processes, we have to understand that means a patient is at risk of becoming harmed and we cannot allow that.” – Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Wilson.

Joe Kiani, Founder and Chairman, Patient Safety Movement Foundation presents Dr. Edwin Loftin, SVP, Integrated and Acute Care and Chief Nursing Officer and Mr. George Mikitarian, Chief Executive Officer, with a plaque recognizing Parrish Medical Center for becoming the first 5-Star Hospital.

Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida is the first hospital to have received 5 stars, making commitments that align with all 16 APSS, with 30 total points.

“Why do we commit to patient safety? Every person’s life matters. Committing to 0X2020 is the RIGHT thing to do. And like most things worth doing, it isn’t easy–it takes work. It takes work, commitment and action… How do we achieve and sustain such an impeccable safety record? Parrish Medical isn’t a multi-hospital system with unlimited resources… The commitment our care partners… make to applying each and every Actionable Patient Safety Solutions comes from the heart, and the from the deep love and respect for our community, our fellow men, women, children, and families.” –Edwin Loftin, Sr. Vice President, Integrated and Acute Care Services/CNO, Parrish Medical Center