Creating an APSS

Each Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) is developed by an international workgroup composed of patient safety experts, clinicians, public health experts, hospital leaders, and patient advocates. The Foundation is proud to connect as many stakeholders from as many countries around the world as possible to focus on how these challenges can be best addressed. The Foundation’s Board of Directors also contribute and review the APSS prior to their annual dissemination.

Please view this short, 6 minute video, which outlines the overall clinical strategy, including APSS Blueprints, Education, and Coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are APSS?

APSS are globally-applicable written documents with actionable solutions for implementation of best patient safety practices in hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world. The APSS series consists of the APSS Blueprints and APSS Education, both of which complement one another and are used actively in our free APSS Coaching.

Who is involved in the development of the APSS?

The workgroups revise 4-5 APSS Blueprints each month throughout the full year. Each APSS is developed by a workgroup composed of patient safety experts, clinicians, public health experts, healthcare technology professionals, hospital leaders, and patient advocates.. Involvement typically consists of active participation on calls and via email and the review of the draft of the document prior to finalizing. As with all volunteers at the PSMF, workgroup members are asked to use their social media to spread the word about an APSS publication as is relevant to their workgroup. Finally, APSS workgroup members are the content matter experts and as such, are asked to help us bring the right people to the table by inviting those in their network to join relevant initiatives, APSS related or otherwise.

Who is the intended audience for the APSS and what is the scope of the document?

The APSS are aimed at clinicians and healthcare leaders around the world. The document is written to capture patient safety recommendations across the continuum of care, from access/admission, to healthcare visit/hospitalization, to discharge/exit.

Sharing and implementation of the APSS is recommended and cross-pollination amongst specialties is encouraged. By sharing best practices, we can achieve ZERO.

Will workgroup participation require travel?

All communication will happen via video conferencing, discussion boards, and email.

Are Chairs or members compensated for their participation?

No, workgroup roles are voluntary. The Foundation has not and does not provide support or monetary reimbursement for their participation as a Chair or a member.

How do I join and leave a Workgroup?

Through the community website, you can click on the green button at the top of each workgroup page to “join group” or “leave group.” 

How do I opt-out of receiving email notifications when I’m an active workgroup member?

Through the community website when you’re inside one of the discussion board topics, you can click on the green button at the top of each page to “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” from receiving email notifications as other workgroup members comment on the discussion boards.