Patient Safety Curriculum for Schools

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation will place significant energy into Patient Safety Curriculum & Education development for schools. We have assembled a Workgroup to create a core curriculum that can be applied across all health professions.

Dr. Steven Scheinman and Dr. Margrit (Peggy) Shoemaker, from Geisinger Commonwealth, Co-Chair the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Patient Safety Curriculum for Schools Workgroup. This dedicated group is in the midst of developing core curricula which will include the following elements:

  • Ownership of patient safety and quality embedded within the professional identity formation for all health caregivers;
  • Core curriculum common to all health professions. The fundamental elements of the core curriculum will include:
    • Leadership training
    • Interprofessional team-based models
    • Definition of competencies to be achieved, outcomes to be assessed and milestones (which will be specialty-specific) to be identified for each stage of one’s professional career (UME, GME and unsupervised practice, across all professions)
    • Focusing beyond care of the individual patient to address systems of care

We can no longer accept that the curriculum being offered today for medical professionals is enough for us to attain our goal of ZERO preventable deaths. We can no longer hope for ZERO, we must plan for ZERO. The only way we can achieve our goal is to address these problems head-on and offer actionable solutions.

If you would like to join the Workgroup, please follow the button in the sidebar on the right of this page.