Candice Sanders

Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs)

My name is Candice Sanders. I am a 36 years old single mother to my 3-year-old daughter. During my C-section with my daughter, I contracted MRSA (Narcotizing Fascitiis), Cellulitis, and my blood was gram-negative. I had to undergo 7 surgeries and 9 blood transfusions and I […] Read More

Charles “Pete” Conrad

Culture of Safety, Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression, and Patient Blood Management

At the emergency room, staff first thought the 69 year-old’s injuries were minor, but he died from internal bleeding about five hours later. He was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Following the death of her husband, Nancy co-founded the Community Emergency Healthcare Initiative, […] Read More

Charles Bates II

Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

Yogiraj Charles Bates died from a hospital acquired venous thromboembolism (HA-VTE), the most common cause of hospital-related death in the United States. He was and continues to be revered for his extraordinary mind and loving nature by people around the world. His contributions as an author, […] Read More

Chris Salazar

Culture of Safety and Airway Safety

By society’s standards, he wasn’t very significant. He wasn’t famous; he wasn’t a political figure; he wasn’t a scholar. In fact, he never graduated from college. He didn’t have a lot of material possessions. He worked as a cook and server in the restaurant industry. In […] Read More

Cora Mae McCormick

Neonatal Safety and Failure to detect Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) in newborns

After a healthy pregnancy, great prenatal care, and being given a clean bill of health at the hospital, Kristine took her seemingly healthy, pink-toned newborn Cora home in December, 2009. Three days later, she was feeding Cora when she suddenly stopped breathing and died in her […] Read More

Curtis Bentley

Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression

My 65-year-old father, Curtis James J Bentley, underwent successful surgery to place a stent in his heart. He was discharged from the hospital and I was told that he was “100% clear.” While recuperating at home, however, he started bleeding. He was coughing up blood, having […] Read More

Damon Weber

Hand-off Communications

Damon Daniel Weber, born 8/8/88 with congenital heart disease, had two successful surgical repairs by the age of four, and thrived into his teen years. A top student at one of the nation’s leading magnet schools, he was a theater director and actor who made his […] Read More

Dan Ford

Medication Safety and Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression

Dan Ford developed a deep passion for patient safety as a result of medical errors experienced in Illinois by his first wife, Diane, and the inhumane treatment experienced when he asked Diane’s providers logical questions about what happened. The mother of three children (11, 14, and […] Read More

Dan Markingson

Medication Safety and Access to Acute Psychiatric Beds

Dan was the son of Mary Weiss. He was a gifted student and as a single mom, she was proud of his academic accomplishments. After graduating in 2000 with a degree in English, Dan moved to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a screenwriter. Mary visited […] Read More

Daniel Stratman

Medication Safety and Hand-off Communications

On July 10, 1996, we took our precious 11-year old son to the Children’s Hospital for what was to be a routine inguinal hernia surgery.  Daniel was no stranger to Children’s, having undergone three open heart surgeries there over the course of his short life.   Those […] Read More