Glenn Clarkson

Medication Safety

In March of 2012, Glenn Clarkson was helping with a controlled grass burn in rural Kansas. Something went terribly wrong and he became surrounded by flames, so he dropped into a shallow pool of water. His clothes did not catch fire, but he did suffer thermal […] Read More

Glenn Saarinen

Access to Acute Psychiatric Beds

My dad, Glenn, spent a lifetime being viewed as a leader, counselor and outgoing friend to many.  From his training and work in ministry to being named head of safety for one of the largest steelworkers’ unions in the country, his life impacted those around him […] Read More

Grant Visscher

Culture of Safety, Medication Safety, Hand-off Communications, and Nasogastric Tube (NGT) Placement and Verification

After trying so hard to get pregnant with our first child we were surprised to find ourselves pregnant with our second child so soon.  We joke that Grant Lars Visscher was in such a hurry to get here that he didn’t allow his body to fully […] Read More

Holly Patterson

Medication Errors

Holly Patterson died three weeks after her 18th birthday.  Healthy and beautiful, this young native of the San Francisco bay area had her whole life in front of her. Her story begins in 2003 when she entered a clinic with her boyfriend to terminate her seven-week-old […] Read More

Irene Young

In 2010, my mother was in a residential care home. She had moderate vascular dementia and, I now realize, a delirium. She was disabled because she had no hip joint and had become doubly incontinent. I had done my best at home, but it became clear that […] Read More

Jack Gentry

When Medical Harm Occurs, ‘Do the Right Thing’ A story of how a determined patient, a dedicated physician and a health system committed to open, honest communication worked together to make the best of a tragic situation Jack Gentry spent 37 years as a Baltimore City […] Read More

James Hawthorne

After 3 months of extensive medical treatment for a devastating illness it is heartbreaking to realize that my husband contracted a serious debilitating illness while in the hospital that is designed to protect and offer treatment for the specific illness he was diagnosed with. On Nov […] Read More

Jem Darling

I never imagined I would work in healthcare.  Like most people, my impression of hospitals was that they were calm and organised and had a characteristic smell of antiseptic. Then I was sucked into the vortex of hospital operations as I cared for my daughter as […] Read More

Jennifer Nibarger

Neonatal Safety, Safer Airway Management, Surgical site infections (SSI), Ventilator-associated pneumonia (pedVAP/PVAP), and Hand-off Communications

On Sept 21, 2013 we and others were involved in a serious boating accident in which Jennifer sustained multiple internal life-threatening injuries, including several broken bones, head and neck trauma, and external lacerations. She was airlifted to a Level 1 Trauma Center and underwent multiple emergency […] Read More

Jerry Carswell

Medication Safety, Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression, and Hand-off Communications

On Monday, January 19, 2004, my husband Jerry Carswell entered the emergency room and was quickly diagnosed with a kidney stone. He was given multiple injections of morphine and Dilaudid to relieve the intense pain. Later that day, he was admitted for observation and further tests. […] Read More