Shanice Greene

Airway Safety

My 22 year old niece went to her gynecologist in 2017 because she was not having regular menstrual cycles. When blood work revealed elevated prolactin levels the physician referred her to a radiology clinic for a MRI with contrast. On March 16th 2018, my niece reported […] Read More

Shannon Jennett

Early Detection and Treatment Of Sepsis

One day I woke up with a pain in my stomach. At first I thought I had the stomach flu or ate something bad, but as the day went on the pain got worse and it became apparent it might be appendicitis. I took an Uber […] Read More

Stewart Dolin

Medication Safety

Stewart Dolin had the perfect life.  He was married to his high school sweetheart for 36 years.  He was the father of two grown, highly functioning, employed children with whom he had a very close and meaningful relationship. He was a senior partner of a large […] Read More

Tara Hansen

Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) and Surgical site infections (SSI)

“For 36 hours we celebrated a homecoming…” It was March 25, 2011, and the day had finally arrived. After years of dreaming about becoming a mother, Tara Hansen had spent the previous nine months preparing with her husband and high-school sweetheart, Ryan Hansen, for the arrival […] Read More

Vera Eliscu

Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs), Ventilator-associated pneumonia (pedVAP/PVAP), and Clostridium difficile infection (CDI)

My mother, Vera Eliscu, was an alert, active, highly intellectual retired classical dancer and business-woman.  In January 2009, at the age of 90, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a foot ulcer and cellulitis. An MRI showed the bone in her foot was […] Read More

Victoria Baskett

Looking back, my story began in June of 2013. I was enrolled in summer school at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and visited five different healthcare providers in three days seeking assistance for swelling in my throat and face, and difficulty breathing. The […] Read More

Victoria Rose Herbertson

Medication Safety, Patient Blood Management, Hand-off Communications, Neonatal Safety, and Person and Family Engagement

Due to lack of knowledge, communication, and negligence, my daughter was taken from me in an emergency June 3rd, 2018. Miscommunication between transfer hospital and new hospital caused the life if my beautiful 7oz baby girl. I was transferred to this hospital for observation for placenta […] Read More

XingXun Yu

Medication Safety

On April 8, 2008, my dad was referred to a long-term acute care facility to be weaned off BiPAP. On admission, he was stable and had no emergency conditions. An allergy band was fastened to his wrist to warn about a life-threatening sulfa allergy that had […] Read More