Patient Safety Moonshot Support Form

Thank you for your interest in supporting these important concepts behind the Patient Safety Moonshot.

You pledge to do one or more of the following:

  1. Speak to your local health regulators, providers, and clinical committees/commissions/groups about improving patient safety outcomes locally.
  2. Call on the Secretary of Health and Human Services or Minister of Health in your country (USA: Xavier Becerra, UK: Matt Hancock) to implement a plan to improve patient safety, addressing one or more of the key issues outlined on the Patient Safety Moonshot. They can start with identifying a leader to drive the World Health Organization’s recently released Global Patient Safety Action Plan
  3. Support further debates and inquiries on patient safety in Congress, Parliament, or legislature in your country.
  4. Meet with people in your local community to discuss their experiences and concerns with patient safety.
  5. Call on the Government to implement the recommendations of the Patient Safety Moonshot.
  6. Donate to help advance our impact!

These items will be included in the briefing for you to download after the form is completed.