A person-centered healthcare system must approach improvement through the eyes of the patient and family.

To echo this need, our APSS are grouped in the same head-to-toe manner, just as would be experienced in the patient care environment. 

The language that patients would use to describe their healthcare-related issues, such as problems with their “Head”, “Chest”, “Belly”, and “Body”, aligns with the professionals who should be involved in the related performance improvement initiative. 

Organizations should recognize that improvement must have a strong foundation before reliable systems of care can be established for specific populations. The “Foundational APSS” are components that should be established for any and every population-specific performance improvement project. Thereafter, championing population-specific change is simplified by adopting APSS related to “Head”, “Chest”, “Belly”, “Body” improvement.

This grouping is designed to optimize improvement plan success by centralizing all of the professionals involved in providing care for a specific population from the start.