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APSS Coaching

Free and Low-cost Coaching

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation provides several opportunities for our Clinical team to coach hospitals and healthcare organizations that want to reach ZERO preventable harm and death. We offer free and low-cost options to make patient safety improvement a reality for every organization, globally. 

Free* Coaching Opportunities

A dedicated PSMF team will coach a team through implementation of a performance improvement project, implemented over a 30-60 day period of time. The goal is to teach organizational leaders the project facilitation skills needed to effectively manage improvement. We use interactive methods to coach leaders through the entire improvement process, and will help them to: 

  • Gather the right team. 
  • Assess and analyze current state to determine gaps and identify root causes. 
  • Prioritize improvement work and create action plans. 
  • Apply implementation science principles to new process design. 
  • Evaluate outcomes and ensure sustainment. 

Low-Cost Coaching Opportunities

The PSMF provides low-cost coaching for organizations interested in designing and implementing a strategic plan to create a foundation for safe and reliable care. We will coach your entire organization through the following critical steps for effective performance improvement, and teach them project management in the process:

  • Validate leadership support throughout the organization. We will provide education sessions for the executives and senior leadership, as well as the governing body.
  • Gather a strategic planning team. We will help the team identify the right stakeholders to include and advise them through the retreat planning process. We will guide them through a structured assessment and analysis process to determine gaps and identify root causes. We will teach them how to analyze data and statistics and examine workflows using process mapping. We will introduce them to root cause analysis tools that help them to identify best practice gaps.
  • Prioritize improvement work and create action plans. We will walk the project team through a prioritization exercise to determine the most important gaps to address first, and create action plans for improvement.
  • Apply implementation science principles to new process design. We will help your team implement a three-year improvement plan, and coach project leaders in accountability and measurement science. We will meet regularly with your team throughout the year to help them address barriers and validate understanding.
  • Evaluate outcomes and ensure sustainment. We will coach project members in effective data collection methods and evaluation of outcomes. We will continue to mentor leaders through the strategic planning process for 3 years, with each year requiring less support from the PSMF.

*We provide free coaching to hospitals and healthcare organizations that make a formal “Commitment to ZERO” through our website. To “Commit to ZERO” preventable harm and death means that organizations implement and sustain a foundation for safe and reliable care – learn more about making a commitment here.