Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)

Safer Airway Management

The Safer Airway Management APSS Blueprint outlines actionable steps healthcare organizations should take to successfully implement and sustain improvements in order to reduce morbidity and mortality pertaining to airway management. Actionable steps to improve airway management in patients and summaries of available evidence-based practice protocols are included:

  • Leadership checklist guide to determine whether current evidence-based guidelines are being followed in your organization
  • Performance improvement plan to follow if improvements are necessary
  • Clinical workflow for Safer Airway Management across the continuum of care
  • Knowledge base on ensuring Safer Airway Management
  • How to educate patients and family members about different aspects of Safer Airway Management
  • Safer Airway Management resource guide
  • Guidance on how to measure outcomes

The blueprint is revised annually and is available free of charge on our website.

Hospitals who make a formal commitment to improve airway management and share their successes on the PSMF website have access to an additional level of consulting services.

Executive Summary

The Problem The goals of airway management are uniform, but clinical best practices remain fragmented, lack standardization, and depend heavily on provider specialty and physical locale in the healthcare space. Delays or failure to provide and maintain adequate oxygenation can significantly increase risk of patient mortality and morbidity en route to

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