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    • Some suggested topics are listed below but the options are endless!

      • What are you doing to improve patient safety that you think others would benefit from hearing about
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    • So my name is John Hall and I a NP in the US.  My additional background is as a helicopter pilot and accident investigator with the the USCG for 11 years.   I have experience in human factors and I am keen to promote some the safety practices that are embedded in the field of Aviation to medicine.

      For example, this has been done with concepts like using a checklist.  I would suggest that CRM or Crew Resource Management is the next logical step.  Is there an APPS working group which you would recommend?

      I am intending to launch a You-tube channel for patient safety and would try to promote work from here on that platform.  (I do want to go about doing that the right way)  My plan is to take some of the analysis that is done on aviation mishaps and find how those lessons learned can be applied towards medicine.  For example, there is a concept of confirmation bias, that is often a key finding in many mishaps that I have seen in both aviation and medicine.

      I am just looking for some direction and if there is some place I can put some of my experience to good use.

      John B Hall

      APRN, Commercial Pilot & Accident Investigator

      • Hi John, thanks for posting! I’m sorry I missed your message. I’m thinking the APSS workgroup on “Healthcare Organization Education Planning” would be a great one to join.

        That’s exciting about your youtube channel! Feel free to share back here when it’s up!

    • How can we stop patient safety taking a back seat during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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