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    • Some suggested topics are listed below but the options are endless!

      • What tips do you have for future patients to stay safe
      • What tips do you have for fellow patient advocates to keep their loved one safe
      • Ask questions to fellow forum contributors as you experience healthcare
      • Be creative, post anything you think you’d benefit from or others would benefit from!
    • As every other segment of society went online, virtual living became the new normal. Talking about nutrition today, right from making herbal tea to making a healthy pizza, everything is searched online!
      Patients get a platform to share their opinion on the care given by the provider instead of criticizing it elsewhere. Feedback forms the direct source to get insights into patient satisfaction. Here is a link to an explicit blog that talks about this topic in detail and shares how feedback is the best tool for any healthcare professional.

      Share Your opinion on this too!

    • Patient communication is a real-time necessity, without a doubt.

    • Challenges doctors face in collecting patient feedback

      Four main challenges/reasons that doctors avoid patient feedback
      1) Hesitant/uncomfortable patients
      2) Trust issues of introverted patients
      3) Time barriers
      4) Not known to the ways to do so

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