If we were to call out the names of all 200,000+ people who die of preventable errors in healthcare in the U.S. alone, it would take us more than two weeks just to say their names. That is powerful.

Fund the Movement

Patient and health worker safety has been compromised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among all of this uncertainty, we know there are solutions to help improve the safety of patients and health workers.

Every dollar you donate helps us raise awareness about their compromised safety and helps us get closer to eliminating preventable patient harm and death.

Ways to Give

  1. One-time and Monthly Individual Gifts
  2. Planned Giving and Bequests
  3. Foundation Funding
  4. Event Sponsorship

Individual Giving

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) encourages you to make a gift of any amount to help support our programs and services which are supplied to the public and across healthcare systems for free or for a very low cost. 

We Accept Cryptocurrency

You can now donate your cryptocurrency! When you donate Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies your donations are converted into cash (USD) immediately. We do not hold on to funds as cryptocurrency.


Anand Sampath
Carole Hemmelgarn
Charles & Mari Miceli
David & Cathy Mayer
Diane Perez
Earl Ralph
Edwin Loftin
Heather Re
Helen Haskell
Jack & Teresa Gentry
Joe & Sarah Kiani
Juliana Fishleigh
Kevin Wagner
Marty Hatlie & Chuck Holland
Michael Ramsay
Norton Hatlie
Robin Betts
Stacey Orsat
Stephanie Mercado
Steven & Janice Barker
Tami Minnier
Terry Fairbanks
Tor Youngquist
Vonda Vaden Bates
Yongsam Lee

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) encourages you to make a monthly gift of any amount to join the Sustainer’s Society. The following people choose to give monthly to drive the Movement’s global impact. 

Edwin Loftin
Jack Steiger
Joanna Nelson
Marilyn & Scott Bourn
Tor Youngquist
Barbara Coughlin

When you donate we give you an opportunity to dedicate your gift or note who you’d like to honor in memorium. We display their names on our #uniteforsafecare campaign website so the public can see the human cost of medical errors.

As a non-profit organization with a budget of greater than $2 million annually, we are required to hire an external auditor. You can click here to
view the Auditor’s Report for the latest audited fiscal year, through March 31, 2020.

We are proud to share that this last year only 12.2% of our budget went toward administrative costs.

Planned Giving and Bequests

Planned giving, also known as estate planning or bequests, are gift vehicles where a donor can leave money and assets to PSMF at the time they pass away to further our mission. Bequests provide funds to come to the PSMF through a donor’s will or other trust vehicle for programs or purposes that are important to the donor. PSMF welcomes the opportunity to discuss with you your plans to include the Movement in your will or trust documents to become founding members of the Patient Safety Legacy Circle.

Donors who support the PSMF through their estate plans or bequests become part of the Patient Safety Legacy Circle.

Members of the Patient Safety Legacy Circle will agree to allow PSMF to make use of their names to promote and encourage others to join in supporting the mission of the movement after their passing. You do not need to disclose the amount or percentage of your intended gift, but we do respectfully ask you to sign a Pledge Form that some financial provision has been made naming PSMF as a beneficiary. The names of the individuals will be shared here on the website, in marketing materials and in recognition areas in perpetuity.

If you are interested in pledging to become a member of the Patient Safety Legacy Circle, please complete the Pledge Form and send it back to Monica McDade. This pledge is not legally binding.


Foundation Funding

We rely on funding from organizations that donate to help sustain our mission and vision and execute our programs. The donor benefits for Foundations can’t be viewed here.

Click the button below to see a list of all the support we receive from Foundations.

Please contact our Director of Development, Monica McDade, for more information.

Event Sponsorship

We are seeking progressive organizations to invest in our upcoming #uniteforsafecare event coming up on World Patient Safety Day – September 17th. This event is mainly a public awareness event and will help us demonstrate that even one loss is one too many due to preventable medical harm. We are not only looking for cash and in-kind donations but also encourage you to create an activity in solidarity on World Patient Safety Day. 

Please review the attached Sponsorship benefit levels and contact Monica McDade to go over how you can get more involved.