More than 200,000 die from preventable errors every year. We can fix this and you can help!

Patient and health worker safety has been compromised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among all of this uncertainty, we know there are solutions to help improve the safety of patients and health workers.

Every dollar you donate helps us raise awareness about their compromised safety and helps us get closer to eliminating preventable patient harm and death.

Give to the campaign below that speaks to you. 

Count to ZERO Campaign

You probably know at least one person impacted by medical harm. Let’s save lives by counting.

For each person you know that has been impacted by a medical error, a small injury to a tragic death, donate $1 in their name to honor their memory.

#uniteforsafecare Campaign

Health care today is not safe for our doctors and nurses, let alone patients. We can and must change that!

During these pandemic times we’ve all come to the realization that we could all become patients at the drop of a dime — health workers, politicians, celebrities, scientists, families, and entrepreneurs alike. The core principles that guide the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and drive World Patient Safety Day — safety, transparency, equity, and communication — could not be more important to everyone right now.