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Activities on Patient Safety Day in Germany

September 17, 2021

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The German Coalition for Patient Safety, a registered non-profit association supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and funded by membership fees, project fundings and donations, is dedicated to researching, developing and disseminating knowledge and methods to improve patient safety.

The patient safety day has a long tradition for us because we started the initiative of a special day for patient safety in 2015 with our partner organizations from Austria and Switzerland. Since then every year we call on all healthcare stakeholders to participate in organizing events, communications measures and other measures celebrating World Patient Safety Day. In order to maximize participation we altered the WHO motto to our German version: “Stand up for patient safety – safety from the first breath” so that activities in patient safety which cover other aspects of healthcare can also be welcomed.

This year we are implementing the following actions (mostly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health):

  1. Providing and shipping information materials: With the support of the German Federal Ministry of Health, we provide brochures, posters and other materials on patient safety for employees and citizens free of charge. As of today, more than 140,000 brochures, flyers, posters and other materials have already been ordered nationwide. Materials can be ordered through our German website:
  2. Call for action: We call on all actors in the healthcare sector (hospitals, care facilities, pharmacies) to organize an „action day“. On the project page, many actors have already registered with actions and events in Germany, as displayed in the map:
    This allows citizens to see which Patient Safety Day actions are taking place in their area.
  3. Lighting up buildings in orange: Some of our institutional members have informed us separately that the lighting of their own institution in orange is planned for the day.
  4. Fostering international participation: We are also receiving increased participation in World Patient Safety Day from abroad. As of today, 67 institutions from all over the world (among others: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Pakistan) have registered on our international project page:
  5. Hybrid Conference: A dedicated event focusing on the topic of safe and respectful childbirth will be held in Berlin and online on September 17th. Invited speakers and guests at our hybrid event include: Professors, physicians, representatives of midwifery associations, hospital societies, health insurance companies, as well as politicians and public figures. There wil be a patient testimonial.
  6. Press conference:A press conference will be held online a few days prior tot he event to raise awareness and promote media coverage.
  7. Social media activities: We promote World Patient Safety Day on all our social media channels. We are also piloting a collaboration with influencers to increase our outreach and raise awareness among a broader audience.


September 17, 2021


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