Upcoming Webinars

There are a plethora of webinar opportunities pertaining to patient safety on the web. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s stand out from the rest because our webinars are designed to:

  1. Be Action-Oriented: Webinar attendees can take their learnings and apply them
  2. Bring Patients and Families into the Conversation: All webinars bring patients, family members, or advocates perspectives to the table

October Performance Improvement Workshop

Around the World
Virtual Event

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is offering its first ever virtual workshop to enhance performance improvement (PI). The virtual PI workshops will bring the principles of PI to our committed [...]

Patient, Medical, and Legal Perspectives of Unsafe Care Webinar

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Virtual Event

Often, patients, clinicians, and legal experts are not on the same page when patient harm occurs. This lack of a coordinated effort toward resolution can compromise healing and improvement for [...]

Past Webinars

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation team posts all webinars on YouTube within 24 hours. Please check out the two playlists below for all webinars the Foundation has put on over the last several years.

Clinical Webinars

COVID-19 Webinars

General Education Webinars