Patient Safety Innovation Awards

3rd Annual Patient Safety Innovation Awards


The third annual Patient Safety Innovation Awards drew in a plethora of incredible patient safety innovations! We received over 50 submissions from across the world, representing some of the most innovative products and process improvements the foundation has seen in the last three years.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the top three winners have been selected from our six finalists.

The three prizes, totaling $85,000, were awarded at the 6th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit on February 23, 2018. Read more about the organizations and their products below:

1st Prize ($50,000) – RightBio Metrics – RightpH

Misplaced NG tubes will be one of the five Patient Safety Initiatives in 2018. pH has emerged as the global gold standard for confirming gastric placement. RightBio Metrics makes the only FDA cleared, CLIA waived, CE Marked product that used pH to confirm gastric placement of NG/OC tubes intended to end in the stomach. Anyone from trained medical personnel to loved ones caring for family members at home can use it.

2nd Prize ($25,000) – ClearLine MD – ClearLine IV

ClearLine IV is the only FDA-cleared product for the automatic detection and removal of air form IV lines. ClearLine IV is placed below IV bags and may be used with fluid warmers and infusion pumps, and all fluid types. ClearLine IV makes IV administration of fluids safer for patients and protects patients from serious clinical complications and death caused by air in fluid lines. Air Burden is known to cause serious morbidity, including paralysis, coma, brain damage, and quadriplegia among others. Air embolism has a 30% mortality rate and is ranked the #2 Hospital Acquired Condition by CMS.

3rd Prize ($10,000) – I-PASS Patient Safety Institute – I-PASS Assessment

A needs assessment is conducted by an I-PASS Mentor and an internal I-PASS hospital champion. With our web-based immersive learning, providers receive training on I-PASS and can practice and self-assess their handoff skills. Our web-based observational measurement tools support data collection from observations of actual handoffs. Data is available on demand for hospital administrators to measure and benchmark adherence of I-PASS use and to provide feedback to their staff. We also offer integration services to augment the existing HER and further support the use of I-PASS.


Congratulations to the Top 6 Finalists

2016 Patient Safety Innovation Awards


The second annual Patient Safety Innovation Awards has drawn in many incredible patient safety innovations! We received over 100 submissions from across the world, representing some of the most innovative products and process improvements in patient safety today.

After an intensive process, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation Board of Directors selected three winners. The three prizes were awarded at the 5th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit, on Friday, February 4th, 2017.

Three Winners

1st Prize ($50,000): Matt and Dulie Reavill
ReavillMED – Infusion Inserted Central Lines

  • ReavillMED makes central lines simpler, safer, and quicker to insert. The Infusion Inserted Central Lines Procedure converts a routine IV start in the arm into a long-term PICC (central line) with the simple IV push of fluid in 30 seconds. This eliminates the risks of pneumothorax, guide wire loss, and neck arterial puncture, while almost completely eliminating the risk of infection. With this procedure, current and often more difficult protocols, such as the severe sepsis protocol, can be done in minutes instead of hours, and all done using one needle. Creators Matt and Dulie Reavill stated, “Thank you to the Patient Safety Movement. Thank you for the recognition. It’s an honor to be selected with nine other great technologies we felt were as equally as good. It’s an honor and our responsibility to go on and go carry forward the patient safety movement. The movement started when our father died in 1994 and we’ve been carrying it forward with a solution we think will change the world.”

2nd Prize ($25,000): Jim Broselow
eBroselow – SafeDose Scan

  • The ability to rapidly and safely administer potentially lifesaving and life ending medications to an acutely ill or injured child is one of the greatest challenges for clinicians. Getting the dose, concentration, volume, and dilution correct 100 percent of the time for every drug, weight, and indication would require the around-the-clock presence of a pediatric pharmacist. eBroselow’s SafeDose Scan solves this problem by offering a mobile, offline “virtual pediatric pharmacist” that never makes a mistake, is immune to stress, and fits in the palm of your hand. The technology leverages the universal medication NDC barcode as an access point to eliminate potential math and memorization errors at the point of care. In receiving the award, James Broselow, CEO of eBroselow, said, “Thank you to Joe and his incredible team at the Patient Safety Movement. I’ve never been involved with a group of people who are so like-minded in wanting to accomplish something so meaningful. The biggest reward is just being part of this group.”

3rd Prize ($10,000): Isabelle Desjardins and William Cats-Baril
WISER Systems – SERAS™

  • Every other day someone commits suicide in a hospital, and 12 times as many make non-fatal attempts. SERAS™ is a neural-network-based expert system decision-support tool that replicates the critical thinking of experienced clinicians in weighing risk factors to assess a patient’s risk of suicide in the following 72 hours. The patient completes the tablet-based questionnaire in less than one minute. The process is web-based and enables consistent, systematic, and high-quality assessments across multiple clinical sites and providers. SERAS™ assists non-mental health frontline providers in the evaluation of imminent suicide risk and suggests best-practice interventions. Dr. Isabelle Dejardins, CEO of WISER Systems, noted in receiving the award, “Suicide is a silent killer. It is easy to feel helpless in the face of suicide. Collectively, we can no longer afford to. We believe that suicide is preventable. This award validates our vision and inspires us to continue this journey with more dedication than ever. We are extremely grateful and we are committed to zero by 2020.”

The 10 Finalists

2015 Patient Safety Innovation Awards


We received over 60 entries from around the world representing the most innovative products and process improvements in patient safety today.

This is the first year of this competition and the goal was to receive a wide array of entries from a diverse group of stakeholders. After an intensive process, the Board of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is pleased to announce our winners, which were awarded their prizes at the 2016 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

1st Prize ($50,000): Philippa Makobore
Uganda Industrial Research Institute

Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) introduced a solution to safely regulate infusion electronically. Shock affects 10% of children admitted to African hospitals, of whom approximately 11-12% die, often within hours of admission. Studies have confirmed the detrimental effect of unsafe fluid bolus in young children with the most severe shock. The ECGF Infusion set add-on device, has been designed to significantly improve the efficacy of intravenous fluid and/or drug delivery especially to children under the age of five. It has the capability of accurately administering fluid and/or drugs by dynamically controlling the flow rate based on feedback from a drop sensor module. Additional features include safety, efficiency, ease of use and affordability.

2nd Prize ($25,000): Caroline Puri Mitchell
Fitsi Health

Fitsi Health introduced a hand hygiene solution. This solution was created by a nurse. It is a bedside caddy that gives patients easy access to hand sanitizer and a place to store personal items such as mobile phones, glasses and hearing aids. Its patented design attaches to hospital beds, is easily carried and stands upright on any flat surface. This solution helps reduce the risk of infections and patient falls, improves quality of care and saves healthcare workers time.

3rd Prize ($10,000): Bharath Sithian

PrevenTreat introduced a bed sore prevention system. Heel Pressure Heel Pressure Ulcers (HPU’s) are a preventable, but common wound that occurs in immobile or otherwise bedridden patients. HPU’s can be prevented if the patient’s heels are suspended continuously in the air with pressure transferred to the calf. Healthy Heels® prevents and treats HPU’s through their patented bed sheet and pillow system. Their revolutionary bed sheets have pockets sewn into the foot of the sheet to secure our pillows from moving as the patient sleeps; their superior pillow then keeps the patient’s heels suspended indefinitely during rest. Proven 100% effective in test cases, they hope to make Healthy Heels® the industry standard for HPU prevention and the universal standard for healthcare bed linens.

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