Pre-Summit Sessions

Half-Day CANDOR: Communication and Optimal Resolution Session

Optimizing Readiness to Respond and Prevent Unexpected Patient Harm

When: February 3, 2017 from 8:00am – Noon
Where: Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa, Dana Point, CA
Cost: $150

What is CANDOR?  CANDOR (Communication and Optimal Resolution) is the acronym associated with a toolkit published in May 2016 by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) incorporating a suite of interventions that redesign traditional “deny and defend” responses to serious patient safety events.  The CANDOR approach is a synthesis of research tested interventions and lessons learned at leading health systems including MedStar Health and other CANDOR pilot sites, as well as from experience in a series of demonstration projects funded by AHRQ in response to President Obama’s 2009 directive to reduce medical liability and improve the overall quality of health care by making patient safety the primary goal.

Why Should CANDOR be Implemented? Using an interrupted time series design in a single health system, Lambert et al. found that the communication and resolutions approach had a significant impact on medical liability processes and outcomes.  The CANDOR approach:

  • Lead to sustainable process/system improvements that reduce preventable harm events
  • Increased the number of interdisciplinary event analyses leading to process improvements
  • Associated with a significant increase in patient and family engagement in patient safety efforts
  • Increased the number of incident reports
  • Decreased the number of claims
  • Reduced legal fees and costs
  • Reduced total costs per claim, settlement amounts, and self-insurance costs
  • Associated with an ongoing decrease in the time to resolution following the patient harm event

Who is Convening?  The event is being convened by the MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety and Patient Safety Movement Foundation.  MedStar Health played leadership roles in the development and testing of the CANDOR Toolkit.  MedStar Health was selected as a CANDOR pilot site because of its demonstrated commitment to open & honest communication with patients and families when serious unanticipated outcomes occur, while using transparency, just culture and state-of-the-art event review processes that align with its system-wide goal of achieving zero preventable harm.

Discounted Session Registration:  $150
The conveners thank the Ullem Family Foundation for supporting this event.

Purpose: This session is designed as an information and readiness assessment event for leaders interested in optimizing a Conflict Resolution Program (CRP) as an integrated part of a comprehensive Patient Safety and Continuous Quality Improvement program.  It is especially relevant for organizations on a High Reliability Organization (HRO) journey.

Program Highlights include how your organization can:

  • Assess organizational readiness to implement a CANDOR type CRP as a core part of your Patient Safety or Continuous Quality Improvement programs – or optimize a CRP already in place.
  • Demonstrate the CANDOR approach to gap analysis, with a focus on assessing buy-in and engagement among governance, medical staff, liability insurers & other CRP key stakeholders
  • Advance a culture of open & honest communication with patients, families & staff
  • Manage patient safety events effectively for fair, patient-centered resolution and reduced liability exposure

The Summit and pre-Summit events are by invitation only. A limited number of tickets are available.