The Best Summit Yet

The 5th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit was the best yet! Over 300 international leaders from hospitals, medical and information technology company executives, members of the patient advocacy community, public policy makers and government officials gathered to discuss solutions to the leading challenges that cause preventable patient death in hospitals.

For the first time ever, the Patient Safety Movement held a Pre-Session on CANDOR, the Communication and Optimal Resolution Program.

The 2017 Summit featured keynote addresses from Former Vice President Joe Biden, Former President Bill Clinton. Plenary speakers spoke and panels convened on timely patient safety topics. Patient safety experts, healthcare luminaries, members of the press, elected officials and patient advocates were interspersed across the program.

Summit Closing Video – We Can Do It!



Keynote Speakers

Featured Speakers

2016 Humanitarian Awards

Humanitarian Awards

Every year the Patient Safety Movement Foundation identifies the most influential advocates in patient safety and honors them with the Humanitarian Award at the annual World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit. This award recognizes leaders who have made significant progress in eliminating preventable patient deaths so that we can reach our shared goal of zero by 2020. Congratulations to the 2016 winners!

Dr. Patrick H. Conway, MD, MSc

Dr. Dave Mayer, MD 

Annamarie Saarinen

Dr. Anne de-Wahl Granelli, PhD, MBA

2016 Patient Safety Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards

The 2nd Annual Patient Safety Innovation competition was hugely successful! This year we received over 100 entries from across 16 countries, representing the most innovative product and process improvements in patient safety today.

1st Prize ($50,000): Matt and Dulie Reavill
ReavillMED – Infusion Inserted Central Lines

ReavillMED converts a routine IV start into a PICC (central line) with an IV push in 30 seconds. Gone are all the risks associated with central lines such as surgical complications and infections. Difficult protocols like severe sepsis can be completed in minutes. The product is convertible to seven lumens, power infusion, blood draws, CVP, and ScvO2 monitoring and dialysis. The one-needle hospital stay now exists!

ReavillMED is FDA cleared and can remain in place for 1 year. The product is available on national contract and is guaranteed not to cause CLABSI. ReavillMED also supplies a free 24/7 PICC team.

2nd Prize ($25,000): Jim Broselow
eBroselow – SafeDose Scan

The ability to rapidly and safely administer potentially lifesaving medications to an acutely ill or injured child is without question one of the greatest challenges in all of clinical medicine… getting the dose, concentration, volume, and dilution correct 100% of the time for every drug, weight, and indication is daunting! If only a pediatric pharmacist could be at the side of each clinician, 24/7. The solution to a decades-old problem: a mobile, offline “virtual pediatric pharmacist” that never makes a mistake, is immune to stress, and fits in the palm of your hand. Introducing that virtual pharmacist…eBroselow’s “SafeDose Scan.”

3rd Prize ($10,000): Isabelle Desjardins and William Cats-Baril
WISER Systems – SERAS™

SERAS™ is a neural-network-based expert system decision support tool that replicates the critical thinking of experience clinicians in weighing risk factors to assess a patient’s risk of suicide in the following 72 hours. The patient completes the tablet-based questionnaire in less than 1 minute. The process is web-based, and enables consistent, systematic and high quality assessments across multiple clinical sites and providers. SERAS™ has shown high acceptance by patients and providers alike. SERAS™ is a clinical decision support tool that supports non-mental health front=line providers in the evaluation of imminent suicide risk and by suggesting best-practice interventions.



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Video Archive


The entire program was livestreamed to attendees outside of the United States. The video archives are now available to view by following the link below.



Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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