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2020 Activities

2020 Activities

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) has spent significant energy raising the visibility of the World Health Organization (WHO) official World Patient Safety Day on September 17th both for the benefit of the public as well as healthcare workers and other stakeholders in the patient safety community.

The PSMF’s theme for the 2020 #uniteforsafecare campaign was Health worker safety is patient safety.

“This year has been one of the most challenging and eye-opening for the issues of safety in our healthcare systems: from effectively equipping & supporting frontline health workers in their heroic work, to equitably serving & treating patients,” said Patient Safety Movement Foundation CEO Dr. Dave Mayer. “Even before the pandemic, more than 200,000 patients died each year in America from what are considered preventable errors. Systemic problems in healthcare are at fault, and many of them — from burnout to the lack of transparency and safe processes — continuously set our health workers up for failure and error and put patient safety at risk.”

The PSMF’s 2020 World Patient Safety Day #uniteforsafecare campaign was focused on: 

  • Summer of 2020: public awareness in press and on social media
  • September 8-17: a collective, virtual physical challenge to raise awareness about patient and health worker safety
  • September 16: serve as a content collaborator for the National Association for Healthcare Quality’s annual conference, NAHQ NEXT
  • September 17: a free public virtual event which you in perpetuity can access here for free

In between World Patient Safety Days…

After September 17, 2020 the PSMF will continue the #uniteforsafecare based on the feedback from the public, volunteers, and committee members who believe that #uniteforsafecare has opened up venue for a healthy dialog with the public to help continue to raise awareness about medical errors as well as provide educational tools that the public can consume.

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Thank you to our co-conveners and sponsors for making the #uniteforsafecare Virtual Event possible.