Screening of BLEED OUT and Panel Discussion

Screening of BLEED OUT and Panel Discussion

January 27th 2020
Rayburn House Office Building, 45 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515, USA

The PSMF & Leapfrog Group will show clips of the critically acclaimed HBO documentary, BLEED OUT, followed by a panel and Q& Many Americans are unaware that preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only cancer and heart disease. Shedding light on this issue can empower more patients to take control of their hospital experience and more importantly, may even save their lives. This event will bring Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and other stakeholders together to educate them on preventable medical errors in hospitals and highlight the important role that Congress Congress can play in improving patient safety. Register for free:

Be Safe in the Hospital: Learn How

Be Safe in the Hospital: Learn How

February 10th, 2020
Mimi’s Bistro + Bakery, 12727 Towne Center Dr, Cerritos, CA 90703, USA

Ariana Longley, PSMF’s COO, will be speaking about how to stay safe in the hospital at the Cerritos-Arcadia Rotary Club

This is not an open event. If you’d like more information please email:

Vonda’s Six-Month Zigzag to Capitol Hill

Vonda’s six-month zigzag from SoCal to Capitol Hill is an appeal for every person who gives, receives, or influences health care, to insist on safe care – because everyone is vulnerable when health care systems do not proactively prioritize safety as a foundational concern.

For more information on her journey, click here

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Please join me anywhere you are.

Tracy’s Walk for Safety in Chicago in support of Dave’s Walk

Since 2007, I’ve been supporting David Mayer’s and Tim McDonald’s patient safety mission, helping them build platforms and stories to create a more patient-centered, equitable, and transparent culture of safety in medicine. Through these efforts, I’ve met Helen Haskell, Patty & David Skolnik, Carole Hemmelgarn, Barb, Bob & Krissy Malizzo, and Sorrel King and they told us, and audiences around the world, their stories of loss over and over again so that care could be made safer for all of us. I listened to the tearful stories of young medical students, nurses and resident physicians at the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps confessing sins of the profession — either witnessed or experienced — left unprotected by those charged with mentoring and protecting them. I met the most well-intended physicians and nurses heartbroken after harming a patient, or witnessing harm to a patient. Many became my friends, and each time I heard them tell their stories my heart ached for them. Finally, I learned the real drivers of the continued patient safety crisis include greed, fear and ego, and a medical-legal machine built on multi-million dollar courtroom wins, and my heart broke a little more. Last fall, I was ready to change my career path; maybe write fiction or screenplays. If the stories we were telling weren’t really changing things to the degree we had hoped, what was the point? And then I met Jack and Teresa Gentry. Jack isn’t one of the 240,000 killed by preventable medical error each year. He’s one of the 1M+ disabled or injured by preventable medical harm each year. He had lived a life of service; a police officer, negotiator and SWAT Team member for a total of 37 years. He had retired just over a year before a medical error left him an incomplete quadriplegic. The surgeon was heartbroken, and called Teresa immediately from the operating room. Medstar Health was open and honest about what happened, and Jack refused to let this catastrophic injury stand in the way of the life of service he had yet to live. Teresa told me, “You can’t quit. We can’t quit.” And she was right. We can’t quit until every patient and provider is safe within every health system across the US. So I’m walking, and I’ll continue to tell these stories in the hope that every step, every story keeps moving us forward to zero preventable harm.

Dave’s Virtual Walk Across America for Healthcare Safety

On Friday, May 22nd I began a journey ON FOOT walking 125 miles over ten days following social distancing guidelines to raise awareness about patient and caregiver safety in healthcare. Being a big baseball fan, I started my 125-mile walk at Sloan Park, the spring training home of my beloved Chicago Cubs, and walked to all nine other spring training facilities in Arizona including Chase Field the home of the AZ Diamondbacks before finishing back at Sloan Park on Sunday, June 1st. I walked in memory of patients and caregivers who have lost their lives to preventable medical harm. In walking the 125 miles I hope to: (1) raise awareness about the patient safety and caregiver safety crises, and (2) raise funds to help support the nationwide Celebrate Patient and Caregiver Safety Day on September 17th.

We are in the midst of one of the most devastating crises this country has ever faced. Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, and other care team members are true heroes doing amazing work each and every day. They are risking their lives to keep us healthy. However, as we are witnessing, they are fighting this war without the basic equipment (e.g. masks, gowns, gloves) as well as diagnostic kits needed to protect themselves as well as their patients. Much of this was preventable if we had listened to our scientists and infection prevention specialists.

My walking for healthcare safety doesn’t stop. Like Forrest Gump, I am committed to virtually walking across the US (3033 total miles) so I can continue to raise awareness about healthcare safety. Over 200,000 people die each year from preventable medical harm making it the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Since February 1st when I began my walks, as of June 1st I have now walked over 740 miles including the recent 128 miles over 10 days. That is the equivalent of starting in San Diego, CA, and walking to 30 miles west of El Paso, TX. Similar longer distance walks like the 125-mile walk completed in AZ will be done in Denver, Chicago, and Baltimore this coming July/August and I will continue to tie in my passion for baseball to each of those walks. We hope to generate additional media coverage so our safety mission and message will be heard by many. 

My wife Cathy and I have donated $5,000 towards this mission and we hope to raise at least $250,000 to support PSMF programs and tool kits proven to save lives.  We need your help!

Please support me and my 67-year-old legs by following me on Twitter and Instagram @WalkForPtSafety. Please also consider making a donation to my Virtual Walk Across the US for Patient and Caregiver Safety. The process is fast, easy, and secure. All funds go to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and will help us get to ZERO preventable deaths in Healthcare!

My walking webpage is

Please also follow me as I train and during the week of my walk. My Twitter and Instagram handles are @WalkForPtSafety.

Thank You! 

David Mayer, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Patient Safety Movement Foundation Walk in May~June 2020: One Lake, One Safe Care

Plan for patient safety walk

Many people know me as a patient safety advocate. I will be walking the talk in few weeks around Michigan Lake with a theme of “One Lake, One Safe Care”.

I currently work at a small community hospital in Waukegan, Illinois and I attend Northwestern University in downtown Chicago. While driving to work, the thought came to me. We all have different pocket sizes, but we all deserve safe care in healthcare. My hope from the walk is not just to raise awareness. I want a meaningful impact.

As a former caregiver for my dad who passed away from myriads of gaps of care a week before his flight for care in S. Korea, which the experience led me to be a pharmacist, and both experiences molding me to be a patient safety advocate, I feel obligated to make my voices heard. We need leaders of healthcare organizations to commit for patient safety and quality care; it is not a job of quality or patient safety department only.

This was originally planned for September 17, 2020 which I wanted to organize in Chicago area on World Patient Safety Day, 9/17. I shared this with a few members of Society for Participatory Medicine Chicago in November 2019. The plan had to change with #covid19, however. I will be walking along with other patient safety advocates from all over the country individually in May and June 2020: AZ, CO, FL, CA, and Chicago! I will be fundraising for the foundation that 100% will go to the foundation. As an ambassador for the organization, I love their mission of #plan4zero where we strive to get to zero medical harm.

Here are ways you can help:

  1. You can donate your steps through Charity Miles by downloading the app and logging your steps to reach our 1 billion steps goal by 9/17/20, when the foundation’s big event The March for Patient Safety in Washington DC happens. Here is the download link and select Patient Safety Movement Foundation as your charity. You can also fundraise for the foundation by asking your networks to donate per your miles. Download CharityMiles App!
  2. You can support me by pledging to donate per mile.
  3. You can make one time donation by clicking here, if you are non-Facebook user. For Facebook users, please donate here which currently no fee is charged to the foundation.
  4. As the map shows in the link above, I will be stopping by various healthcare facilities on my way. If you have connections with the organizations, please feel free to connect me with them as I will be glad to share their efforts in patient safety and quality care. I can also share the tools and resources from the foundation that can help in their efforts once I am connected with no cost. I will be honoring patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers (!) while I walk and if you have names and stories to share, please either message me or tag the person in replies and comments. Here are the names of the organizations I will be stopping by on my walk:

Vista Medical Center East, Kiley Developmental Center, Captain James Lovell VA Medical Center, Rosalind Franklin University, Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest, Northshore University System Highland Park, Northshore University System Evanston, AMITA Health St. Francis Hospital, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Thorek Memorial Hospital, AdvocateAurora Illinois Masonic Hospital, AMITA Health St. Joseph, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Mercy Hospital, University of Chicago Medicine, and La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

As a frontline healthcare worker, my schedule is changing unexpectedly, but here is the schedule for now: 5/26, 5/28, 5/29, 5/31, & 6/3

With #covid19, when everyone’s greeting is “Stay safe” instead of “Hi” and losing jobs and struggling for survival, I know this is a difficult mission. Perhaps, however, this may be the time to think about safety from scratch when everyone cares and think about safety.

Thank you in advance for your support. I am counting on you. #Weareallpatients after all and we deserve safer care. Follow me on: FacebookTwitter @jun_soojin, and Instagram with updates!

Patient Safety Movement Foundation: NAHQ NEXT

Demonstrate your indispensable value, no matter how or where you serve across the continuum of care! NAHQ NEXT 2020, a fully virtual experience, will consist of competency- and solution-based sessions, as well as professional development and career sessions. Engage with best-in-class faculty in an unprecedented way September 14-16, 2020, from the comfort of your own home or office. Plus, use coupon code PSMF to receive an exclusive discounted rate. Learn more and register by August 31!