Taking Action, Saving Lives!


Let’s Unite For Safe Care

We’re building out our local and state grassroots power. We’re lobbying to close loopholes and pass common-sense legislation to save lives. We will not stop until we see the change we demand. 

Millions of people die each year due to preventable causes in our healthcare systems across the world. This could be your sibling, parent, child, your neighbor, or you.

Choosing to ignore this epidemic or staying silent perpetuates the issue. Take action and March for Patient Safety to raise awareness and save lives. 

Nine-year-old Alyssa Hemmelgarn was loved. She died from multiple errors — hospital-acquired infection, sepsis, typhlitis, and a failure to rescue.

We Need Your Voice

The March for Patient Safety allows YOUR VOICE — in combination with the collective voices of the millions who believe we should all have access to safe care — to advocate for specific policies at the federal and state level that keep patients safe.

Join the national patient safety consensus today by participating in one of our action campaigns below!

The March for Patient Safety isn’t just one day!

It will take action every day leading up to the event, and in the days following to keep up the momentum. We’ve outlined different ways you can take action, whether you’re a giver or a receiver of care, or someone who stands behind patient safety and the need for safe care for all.


Walk, run, rollerblade… MOVE and help us raise awareness.

We are pleased to share that the March for Patient Safety has been added as a charity in the acclaimed-mobile app, Charity Miles, which allows you to fundraise while you exercise!

For every mile you move, you help fundraise for the March for Patient Safety and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a corporate sponsorship pool. You can also create your own team and ask your friends and family to join, or pledge to support you.

Download Charity Miles and help us raise awareness about patient safety while you exercise. Donations made through the app will benefit the March for Patient Safety and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

We’ve developed a FAQ for setting up your Charity Miles account.


Volunteer to help raise awareness in your local area.

You can find a group that needs your help in generating awareness about patient and healthcare worker safety. We recommend checking out www.volunteermatch.org for organizations that can use your help getting active around this issue.


Form a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and create your own activity or event to raise awareness about patient and healthcare worker safety in your area. Click here to download our Satellite Event Guide.

It will give you planning ideas on how to demonstrate locally and tell others that patient and healthcare worker safety is an important issue to you. You can also check what other people are doing to activate by going to our Global Events page.


Call for a town hall meeting to address medical concerns on issues in your community.

Ask your local government to communicate more regularly with you regarding patient and healthcare worker safety. 


While maintaining physical distancing, you can create a working group in your community to discuss the effects of medical errors and take action to promote appreciation for frontline healthcare workers.

You can sew face masks and deliver them to local hospitals and care facilities with homemade thank you cards. Gestures can be big or small, and we encourage you to get involved!