Challenge 17: Patient Safety Curriculum

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation placed significant energy into Patient Safety Curriculum & Education development for healthcare professionals from 2018-2020. We have assembled a Workgroup to create a core curriculum that can be applied across all health professions. Dr. Steven Scheinman and Dr. Margrit (Peggy) Shoemaker, from Geisinger Commonwealth, Co-Chair the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Patient Safety Curriculum Workgroup. This dedicated group is in the midst of developing core curricula which will include the following elements:

Ownership of patient safety and quality embedded within the professional identity formation for all health caregivers;
Core curriculum common to all health professions. The fundamental elements of the core curriculum will include:
Leadership training
Interprofessional team-based models
Definition of competencies to be achieved, outcomes to be assessed and milestones (which will be specialty-specific) to be identified for each stage of one’s professional career (UME, GME and unsupervised practice, across all professions)
Focusing beyond care of the individual patient to address systems of care