In 2016, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation announced the emergence of regional networks across the country and the world. This initial group of localized network leaders, called Regional Network Chairs, aided the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s outreach efforts by facilitating connections to more hospitals, healthcare technology companies, partners, and patient advocates than ever before!

In 2020, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation is working to expand its current group of volunteers through the emergence of Patient Safety Movement Ambassadors, both geographically and on a more local level.

What is an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a Patient Safety Movement Foundation volunteer appointed for a special assignment; bringing together key stakeholders in healthcare to help us achieve ZERO preventable patient deaths. Ambassadors are connectors, facilitators and key champions around a specific patient safety challenge.

You Can Help!

Are you passionate about patient safety and want to help us make a difference? We invite YOU to become an Ambassador to help us raise awareness around our mission of achieving ZERO preventable deaths . We need all types of people, across the world to help be an Ambassador to bring other people and organizations into the fold, connecting the dots. If you are interested in the opportunity to serve or if you’d like to partner up with an ambassador with the same focus or passion, please contact us. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s objective is to expand and reach Ambassadors across the world, therefore your participation is fundamental.

Has your local hospital joined the Movement? Are your local associations plugged in? Do you know someone who has lost a loved one due to preventable causes in a hospital setting? Find a comprehensive list of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Ambassadors below.


“Thanks to Joe, I aspired to do something similar in Taiwan. I wrote to ask if I can be a Regional Network Chair for Taiwan…… with the toolkit provided by the Foundation, I introduced the mission to get to zero preventable deaths by 2030. This is a great example of unifying the healthcare ecosystem which reflects the mission proposed by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.” -Dr. Mingi Chan Liao, Founder & President, Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club; Ambassador, Taiwan

Domestic Ambassadors

First Name Last Name State APSS Challenge
Brian Warren AZ
Steve Yun CA
Art Kanowitz CO APSS #8– Airway Safety
Howard Bergendahl FL APSS #1– Culture of Safety
APSS #17– Patient Safety Curriculum
Edwin Loftin FL
Sara McMannus IL, IA APSS #9– Early Detection & Treatment of Sepsis
Soojin Jun IL
John Gobron MA
Katherine Manseau NM
Sarah Knowles OH APSS #2– Healthcare-associated Infections
APSS #4– Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression
APSS #16– Person & Family Engagement
Linzey Vox OR APSS #1– Culture of Safety
APSS #17– Patient Safety Curriculum
Tzachi Litov OR, WA, ID, MT, WY
Billy Oglesby PA
Karen Reynolds SC
Douglas Dotan TX
Charles Murphy VA, MD, DC APSS #1– Culture of Safety
Maureen Robbins VA

International Ambassadors

First Name Last Name Region APSS Challenge
Anca Sarbu Austria and Switzerland APSS #1– Culture of Safety
APSS #16– Person & Family Engagement
Abdalla Ibrahim Bahrain and Egypt
Jane Sun Canada
Eugene Tuyishime East Africa APSS #1– Culture of Safety
APSS #3F– Drug Shortages
APSS #8A– Safer Airway Management
APSS #9– Early Detection & Treatment of Sepsis
APSS #10– Systematic Prevention and Resuscitation of In-hospital Cardiac Arrest
APSS #11– Optimizing Obstetric Safety
Tea Kareli Georgia
Kai Zacharowski Germany APSS #5– Patient Blood Management
Javier Davila Mexico
Luis Torres Torija Mexico
Samer Ellahham Middle East
Joyce Alumno Philippines and the ASEAN Region
Nawarh Faran Saudi Arabia APSS #1– Culture of Safety
Bharat Monteiro Singapore, India and Malaysia
Nicolas Zaballos Spain and Latin America
Mingi Chan Liao Taiwan
Melih Elcin Turkey
Ehi Iden West Africa