Commit to ZERO

About the Program

Achieving ZERO requires a commitment from hospitals and healthcare organizations across the world to prioritize patient safety.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations everywhere can publicly commit to ZERO by sharing what they are doing to advance safe and reliable care in their facilities.

The First Step to ZERO is High Reliability

High-reliability organizations (HROs) go for long periods of time without experiencing errors that lead to harm. The nuclear power and aviation industries are great examples of this: they identify potential errors from a systems perspective before they occur so they can prevent them from happening in the first place.

To achieve our collective vision of ZERO preventable harm and death, we believe that every healthcare organization, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and long-term care facilities, must become highly reliable. This means creating a foundation for safe and reliable care that includes three critical components:

  1. A Person-Centered Culture of Safety
  2. A Holistic, Continuous Improvement Framework
  3. An Effective Model for Sustainment

If your organization is on a journey to becoming highly reliable, then make a free, no-cost commitment to ZERO harm today!

Committed Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

If you believe you made a commitment already and don’t see your organization’s name above, you likely committed under the 2012-2020 Lives Saved Program. You can see historical information here. We encourage you to make a commitment under the new initiative today. See the benefits below.


Benefits of Committing to ZERO

Free Coaching

Committed organizations are eligible for free coaching with improvement teams & free registration to our interactive, virtual workshops.

Virtual Coaching for Improvement Teams

A dedicated PSMF team will coach a team through the implementation of a performance improvement project, implemented over a 30-60 day period of time. The goal is to teach organizational leaders the project facilitation skills needed to effectively manage improvement. We use interactive methods to coach teams through the entire improvement process, will help them to gather the right team, assess and analyze current state to determine gaps and identify root causes, prioritize improvement work and create action plans, apply implementation science principles to new process design, and evaluate outcomes and ensure sustainment. There is no cost for virtual coaching for committed organizations.

Virtual Performance Improvement Workshops

Individuals from organizations who commit to ZERO have free access to our virtual performance improvement workshops. Objectives covered in these interactive sessions include developing basic project management skills, completing current state assessments through observations and data analysis, determining root causes using standard improvement tools, prioritizing and planning change, and understanding the impact of human factors on effective implementation and sustainment.

Virtual Leadership Development Workshops

Current and future leaders in committed organizations will also have free access to our virtual leadership development workshops. These sessions are designed for all levels of learners and focus on the skills healthcare leaders need to effectively manage change. Objectives include understanding the concepts of change management, identifying the root causes of error using shared accountability models, evaluating the impact of organizational development programs, managing safety improvements in a cost-conscious environment, and more.

Free Publicity & Tools

We will shout your organization’s name and your commitment to ZERO from the rooftops! We want others to step up and be just like your organization – brave pioneers on the road to safe and reliable care. You’ll also be featured on the map below.

We’ll provide you with:

  • A sample press release,
  • Sample social media posts to showcase your organization’s commitment,
  • Digital badge of recognition for your website or even a billboard,
  • A certificate of recognition for making a commitment to ZERO,  
  • Opportunities to guest blog about your organizational successes through our Patient Safety Blog, and
  • Opportunity to highlight your successes through our virtual Shared Learning Network so that other patient safety professionals around the world can learn from you.

How to Commit

Committing is Free, Fast and Simple

Making a commitment should only take approximately 15 minutes. We no longer ask for the submission of any patient safety data. It’s a one-time organizational commitment that does not require renewal or follow-up online submissions.

Don’t wait, commit to ZERO today.

If you still have questions or you are having any problems please contact

Committed Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

To see a list of all hospitals and healthcare organizations that have made a commitment to ZERO click the button below.

HRO Champion Program

Are you a Champion?

Committed hospitals who are leading the way to high reliability make their safety data transparent. You can be designated as an HRO Champion by reporting your adverse events and near-miss events once per year.