Partners are the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s collective body of like-minded visionary leaders that enable us to turn words into action. Partners make our goal of reaching ZERO preventable deaths achievable.

Make a Commitment

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have the opportunity to positively impact patient safety by sharing a strategic approach or initiative to combat a patient safety challenge.

What does it mean to make a Commitment?

Commitments are designed to showcase how your hospital or healthcare institution is improving patient safety and reducing preventable death. Making a commitment means your hospital stands in solidarity with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and believes the only way to reach zero preventable deaths is through the collective engagement of all hospitals. Making a commitment is an opportunity to showcase your organization’s approach to solving a patient safety challenge. Whether your commitment is bold and addresses a large-scale global initiative, or your commitment shares a simple approach to address a local challenge, every commitment has the opportunity to save lives.

But my hospital is already doing everything. Why make a commitment?

We thank you for all that you do to improve patient safety in your hospital. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation would like to share your successes with our network of committed hospitals who, just like you, strive to take ACTION in saving lives each and every day.

If your hospital is already doing the work, share it with us! Help us connect, collaborate and learn from your hospital’s processes. ONE commitment can make a huge difference. ONE commitment can save a life.

In January 2019, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation announced more than 4,710 committed hospitals saved 90,146 lives last year through their commitments to improve patient safety.

How does the Patient Safety Movement Foundation measure lives saved?

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation requests that all submitted commitments be evidence-based, metrics-driven, and maintain a realistic and conservative perspective. Commitments should be measurable and project reasonable outcomes to maintain honesty and reduce overlap.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation reviews every new Commitment to ensure that it does not overlap with an existing Commitment. Each Commitment is evaluated and monitored to ensure its impact can be realized. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is a firm believer in transparency; therefore, all commitments are publicly accessible on the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s website.

How does the Patient Safety Movement verify data from Commitments?

Data submitted by hospitals and healthcare organizations are self-reported. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is a clearinghouse for this information with the goal of connecting like-minded leaders who share the goal of eliminating preventable death in hospitals.

What happens if a Commitment is not updated?

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation requires Commitments be updated annually. If a Commitment is not updated after one year, it is marked “stalled” and removed from the aggregated count of committed hospitals and lives saved.

Is there a cost to make a Commitment?

No, making a commitment is free.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner by making a Commitment?

By committing publicly, you will not only help your organization reach ZERO but also encourage others to do the same. After all, what is measured improves and what is measured publicly improves faster.

  • Strategize, learn, and contribute to high-level roundtable discussions among patient safety frontrunners.
  • Press release tools and templates to announce your affiliation with the PSMF through the media and your website. Plaques are available for purchase at the cost of the PSMF.
  • Discounted admission to attend the PSMF’s annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit as well as an invitation to the chairman’s private reception hosted by Founder, Joe Kiani.
  • Chance to share your commitment on-stage at the World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit. Please note the PSMF selects a number of Partners for this opportunity.

To make a Commitment:

  1. Watch the demo on how to make a Commitment.If you still have questions, schedule a call with the director of partnerships.

  2. Click here to create an account.
  3. After you create an account, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Select Make a Commitmentfrom the list of options and then complete the Commitment Form.
  4. You will also receive an email with your username, password, and link to your dashboard for future use. You can sign in using that email or you can click Login in the top menu.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation requests annual commitment updates as well as a report at the end of your commitment timeline.