Hospital Ranking

We are excited to announce a new approach that ranks hospitals based on the commitments they have made to  processes designed to help them eliminate preventable deaths, called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS).

Beginning in 2018, hospitals that voluntarily join the Patient Safety Movement Foundation will be ranked based on the number of APSS they have committed to implement.  We know that implementing the APSS, as part of a comprehensive patient safety program, helps hospitals to reduce preventable patient deaths. We believe that by ranking the hospitals based on the number of APSS and well as some other specific evidence-based processes, great results will be achieved. We cannot hope for zero, we must plan for zero.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation will objectively rank hospitals based on commitments aligning to the PSMF’s 13 APSS and other specific processes they commit to implement.

The PSMF acknowledge and value the other ratings and ranking systems that already exist, such as the ones from CMS and LeapFrog Group, and believe that this tool is an additive approach to provide the public with more information about hospitals that are committed to patient safety.

First Hospital to Receive 5 Stars


Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida is the first hospital to have received 5 stars, making commitments that align with all 13 APSS, with 27 total points.