Organizations That Work to Advance Patient Safety

Commit to ZERO

Leaders who Commit to ZERO on behalf of their organization can join the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s collective body of like-minded visionary leaders that enable us to turn words into action. These leaders help to make our goal of reaching ZERO preventable patient harm and death across the globe by 2030 achievable.

Organizations that work to improve patient safety have the opportunity to positively impact patient safety can take two actions:

Step 1: Commit to ZERO
Show your support by making a public commitment to ZERO harm. Your organization is asked to share what you are doing to advance patient safety and eliminate preventable harm across the globe.

Step 2: Become a Committed Partner
Establish an official relationship with the PSMF, formalized through an agreement

Diverse in type, size and impact, Committed Partners work alongside the PSMF team to jointly identify patient safety-related projects to help achieve ZERO harm.

Step 1: Commit to ZERO

Who can Commit to ZERO?

Leaders who work in the following fields can Commit to ZERO on behalf of their company/organization from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Academia, Associations, Professional Societies, Insurance Companies, Foundations, NGOs, Non-profits, Advocacy Groups, Medical Technology Companies, Laboratory Technology Companies, Data Analytics, EHR Technology, Medical Suppliers, and Legal Community.
  • If you work for a hospital or healthcare organization that provides direct care, please go here.

What are the benefits of committing to ZERO on behalf of my organization?

The PSMF will:

  • List your organization’s name and public commitment to ZERO on the PSMF website with a link to your website 
  • Showcase your organization’s conferences and events to our global network through our partner calendar of events 
  • Invite you to Co-Create our Actionable Patient Safety Solutions™ (APSS™) by sending a representative from your organization to join an APSS workgroup
  • Highlight what you are doing to eliminate preventable harm and death within your organization so we can celebrate your successes with our global network!

As an organization committed to zero, what can your organization do to help spread the PSMF’s vision of zero?

  • Spread awareness through your organization’s website, newsletters, social media platforms, etc.
  • Attend our free educational webinars, for both clinical and general public audiences, and share them with your networks
  • Support our annual #uniteforsafecare event; your organization’s name listed on our website
  • Donate to our PSMF operations and programs 

A list of everyone committed to ZERO can be found here.

Step 2: Become a Committed Partner

After your organization has signed on to Commit to ZERO we welcome you to join as a formal Committed Partner of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. Our Committed Partners work alongside the PSMF team to identify joint patient safety-related projects to help achieve ZERO.

Additional benefits of joining as a Committed Partner include:

  • Logo placement on the PSMF website with a link to your own site
  • Press release and social media toolkit to announce our partnership
  • Co-Convene with the PSMF to create robust educational events
  • Consideration as a panelist or speaker in an educational activity for clinical or general public audiences

How does our organization become a Committed Partner?

These opportunities are handled individually through our Partnerships Department. Please reach out to after you Commit to ZERO to discuss this opportunity.