We don’t ask for a financial contribution to join our Movement because we are looking for organizations to take action! We ask that you recognize the severity of the challenges facing your organization today and make a commitment to solving the issues at hand by eagerly contributing to enduring solutions.

Rather than targeting individual diseases or populations for improvement projects, true progress demands building a solid foundation of reliability first. By making a commitment to ZERO, your organization is committed to implementing and sustaining a foundation for safety and reliability that includes three critical components:

  1. A Person-Centered Culture of Safety
  2. A Holistic, Continuous Improvement Framework
  3. An Effective Model for Sustainment

We believe without a commitment to these three critical components, ZERO cannot be achieved.

Benefits of Committing to Zero

We make workshops and APSS Coaching free as a benefit for healthcare organizations who join our Network and “Commit to Zero.” Click on the blue sections below to learn more about each opportunity below.

Free* Coaching & Workshops for Committed Healthcare Organizations

Individuals from organizations who commit to ZERO have free access to our virtual performance improvement workshops. Objectives covered in these interactive sessions include: 

  • developing basic project management skills,
  • completing current state assessments through observations and data analysis,
  • determining root causes using standard improvement tools, prioritizing and planning change, and
  • understanding the impact of human factors on effective implementation and sustainment.

Current and future leaders in committed organizations will also have free access to our virtual leadership development workshops. These sessions are designed for all levels of learner and focus on the skills healthcare leaders need to effectively manage change.
Objectives include:

  • understanding the concepts of change management,
  • identifying the root causes of error using shared accountability models,
  • evaluating the impact of organizational development programs,
  • managing safety improvements in a cost-conscious environment, and more.

A dedicated PSMF team will coach a team through implementation of a performance improvement project, implemented over a 30-60 day period of time. The goal is to teach organizational leaders the project facilitation skills needed to effectively manage improvement. We use interactive methods to coach teams through the entire improvement process, and will help them to: 

  • Gather the right team. 
  • Assess and analyze current state to determine gaps and identify root causes. 
  • Prioritize improvement work and create action plans. 
  • Apply implementation science principles to new process design. 
  • Evaluate outcomes and ensure sustainment.