Why Partner with Us?

We believe that progress cannot be achieved by sitting on the sidelines; we must take ACTION together.

  • We at the Patient Safety Movement Foundation are a commitment-based organization, rather than a membership-based organization.
  • We are a global community of visionaries and thought leaders, who turn ideas into actionable solutions.
  • We are disruptors, who believe in the power of sharing useful ideas, rather than restricting them.
  • We guide our partners into making connections with the right people, sparking deep discussions, and ultimately stimulating action aimed at methodically eliminating preventable deaths in hospitals.
  • We foster a collaborative community of doers and provide a globally networked platform, which helps promote innovative thinking and acting.
  • We pave the way for partners to advance patient safety goals and facilitate a forum for leadership.
  • We understand that patient safety is a moral imperative, which must be sustainable.

“I was having a conversation with Joe, and he reminded me of something I said back when the foundation was founded. And that was ‘what would make this foundation different from all the other foundations out there?’ And I told him ‘action taking.’ And we’re stepping up, getting things done.”

Julie Morath, RN, MS, CPPS, Hospital Quality Institute

The Value of Relationships

We take time to foster relationships with each and every partner because like-minded individuals are the driving force that make our mission to reach ZERO preventable patient deaths, not just conceivable, but achievable.

We thrive on the opportunity to generate unique ideas and facilitate quality conversations that lead to purposeful action. Our partners provide us with the opportunity to access a wider range of resources and expertise across all sectors, and in turn, partners reap the benefits of joining a collaborative group of aligned, passionate, and results-driven individuals. A comprehensive list of our partners is available here.

“We use our partners, like the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, to pursue goals to benefit every person, every family, and everyone who comes in contact with our healthcare system and our network.” Edwin Loftin, Sr. Vice President, Integrated and Acute Care Services/CNO, Parrish Medical Center

The Value of Resources

Partners are offered the opportunity to create and utilize Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). These APSS address a variety of leading patient safety topics facing hospitals today. These solutions serve as powerful tools that present healthcare professionals with practices that significantly decrease preventable deaths in hospitals.

Our APSS represent an aggregate of clinical best practices that hospitals can implement today. They are annually revised by workgroups of patient safety experts to ensure they stay current. As we move into 2020, we’ve expanded our APSS into three distinct products, which include APSS Blueprints, APSS Educational Resources and our APSS Virtual Coaching. We want to help organizations build a solid foundation for safety and reliability.

“Driving the Patient Safety Movement goal of zero medical error by 2020 will eliminate other parents experiencing what my husband and I did with our daughter in 2013. We are one of the fortunate families that experienced success after 3 days of delayed diagnosis leading to emergency surgery and life support for our daughter. Not all families have the ability to share their story and help others navigate the healthcare process. I listened and learned as my daughter joined the Patient Safety Movement. I quickly realized that by partnering with the Patient Safety Movement, I could help other parents become more informed participants in the healthcare process.” Misti B. Baskett, Patient Advocate


Benefits of Partnership:

By committing publicly, you will not only help your organization reach zero, but encourage others to do the same. After all, what is measured improves and what is measured publicly improves faster.

  • Free access to the PSMF’s virtual coaching and consulting sessions led by our Clinical Team to provide individualized feedback on improving your performance improvement projects.
  • Strategize, learn, and contribute to high-level roundtable discussions among patient safety frontrunners via a private discussion board.
  • Representatives from Committed Hospitals will gain access to our Shared Learning Network where like-minded individuals can discuss problems and solutions they’re facing implementing our APSS.
  • Press release tools and templates to announce affiliation through the media and your website.
  • Certificates to showcase our partnership.
  • Discounted admission to attend the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.
  • You may be amongst a select group of Partners, who will be given the opportunity to share your commitment on-stage at the annual World Patient Safety Science & Technology Summit.
“I am the founder of Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club (TPSCC), which was established in 2012. In an attempt to enhance patient safety in Taiwan, I approached Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) and became the Regional Network Chair (RNC) in March 2017, after attending the Summit in February. We thought it would be a good idea to host a rally in support of 0X2020 and hold a celebration in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of TPSCC. This unique rally turned out to be a great success, receiving unprecedented accolades. From this phenomenon, one can easily recognize collaborative partnering with the PSMF as an opportunity to improve patient safety movement, both domestically and internationally.” Mingi Chan Liao, MD, Taiwan Patient Safety Culture Club


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