Patient Safety Solutions App

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s second mobile application, Patient Safety Solutions App, was designed to give you access to all Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) when you’re on the go, giving you the ability to share content across your organization or your greater networks in healthcare.

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation has developed 34+ solutions to over 18 overarching patient safety challenges facing hospitals today. Every year these evidence-based solutions are updated by multidisciplinary workgroups to ensure the latest science, literature, and technology are provided.





Drill into APSS topics.

Tap on a patient safety challenge topic to
drill down into the table of contents for that APSS



Challenges organized by sections.

APSS are separated into seven sections (at the very least!).


Evidence-based solutions.

1) You can increase/decrease the size of the text on the page
2) share information through other applications on your smartphone, and
3) email content directly from your email client to your colleagues.