The Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s first mobile application, PatientAider, can be a valuable source of medical information for you or your loved one’s hospital stay.

If you or someone you love is in the hospital or heading to the hospital soon, download PatientAider.





Tailor your experience.

Whether you’re at home getting ready
for a planned procedure or getting
ready to bring a loved one home
select the setting that fits today.

Dig into twenty-five topics.

These topics empower you and
equip you with medical knowledge
explained in layman’s terms
that can help keep you
or a loved one safe.

Watch videos.

We’ve found as many videos
as possible to supplement
our content to make it as engaging
as possible to learn how to stay safe.

Now in Spanish and Chinese!

PatientAider is now available in Latin American Spanish and Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese).

Also available on iPad.

PatientAider can be viewed on the iPad as well.

And on your browser of choice.

Not near your mobile phone
or tablet, pull up



I only wish PatientAider had been around when I was visiting provider after provider three and a half years ago fighting for my life. This innovation will be the breakthrough that many patients and advocates need, when wondering what is the first or next question to ask, or where to turn for help and information.”

-Victoria Baskett, Patient Advocate; Founder, Victoria Baskett Patient Safety Foundation

“As a clinician, I have seen patients struggle to understand the complex world of healthcare.  Patient aider is a simple yet powerful tool that patients, families and their advocates can use to educate themselves about patient safety and to use that knowledge to become an active participant in their care.”

-Gwen Cox, Hospital Administrator

“The PATIENT is the most valuable member of any healthcare team. Patient participation is the key component and it is often limited by the understanding of their diagnosis and plan of care. The PatientAider app is an excellent tool to facilitate knowledge by providing resources in the hand of the patient. This tool will assist the patient and provider in sharing the same goals in their treatment plan and improve patient outcomes.

I reflect on my ‘bedside engagement’ with Victoria’s healthcare team while she was being admitted via Emergency Department, Emergency surgery, SICU and Neurosciences Hospital. The PatientAider app would have been an invaluable tool to prepare the questions to ask as the doctors made rounds.

My hope is that we will find a way to market the PatientAider app as a household tool to educate all families on the importance of patient participation before you assume the role of patient and advocate.”

-Misti Baskett, Patient Advocate

“If you need to be a patient advocate in the hospital or need someone to be yours, please get this free and completely amazing app. I’ve been an advocate for a number of people, but this app is over the top in its quality of information and how to be an effective advocate.”

-Boomie Butler