Sanaz Massoumi, PhD

Chief Operating Officer, Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Dr. Sanaz Massoumi is the Chief Operating Officer of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. With her distinguished collection of expertise that fully aligns with the organization’s mission, Dr. Massoumi works with healthcare leaders, policymakers, innovators, patient safety partners, and patients to advance patient safety around the world.

Prior to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, Dr. Massoumi served as the Director of Patient Safety and Regulatory and Patient Safety Officer at the Keck Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, overseeing Keck and Norris hospitals. Her previous experience also spans in fields integrating technology and healthcare; Dr. Massoumi served as the Senior Director of Performance Excellence at Tagnos, a hi-tech healthcare startup, and also worked for the Quality Assurance department of Broadcom Corporation, a major infrastructure technology leader. Instrumental to her roles were Dr. Massoumi’s well-versed abilities in utilizing qualitative methods as well as statistical analysis techniques for analyzing the outcome of care, improving and enhancing health systems and processes, incorporating high reliability principles, integrating patient safety initiatives, providing methodical continuous improvement solutions, optimizing care processes, and creating innovative root cause analysis techniques.

Dr. Massoumi received her Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University Of Southern California Viterbi School Of Engineering. During her Ph.D., she was a lead researcher in the fields of High Reliability principles, patient safety, performance analysis, quality of care, outcome measures, and care coordination while extensively collaborating with Keck and Los Angeles County hospitals.

Dedicated to bringing forth the wellbeing of the global community, Dr. Massoumi’s true passion lies in furthering patient safety initiatives. Her immense connection to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation lies in her profound sense of responsibility to impact patients with invaluable knowledge of quality of care. In this sense, she has been incredibly influenced by many accomplished, dedicated, and caring Patient Safety experts during her higher education and professional career. Dr. Massoumi is committed to bringing necessary and positive changes to benefit patients worldwide.