Annual Walk for Patient Safety

This is the second-year Annual Walk for Patient Safety intended to support #uniteforsafeare and celebrate the WPSD not on but around 9/17/21.
This event will bring healthcare workers and other stakeholders together to raise awareness of “Safe Maternal and Newborn Care” as the main theme and “Health Worker’s Safety Is Patient Safety” as sub-theme. In addition to the main event, a light-up (in orange) ceremony around a famous park will take place after it gets dark. Another highlight of the celebration will be a festival of food, drinks and music with entertainment in the park and a VIP dinner party at a nearby hotel.

A total of 500+ participants will be walking in the West District of Taichung and through both busy and quaint neighborhoods including Calligraphy Greenway. Total walking distance is about 3.4 km. Another highlight of the activity is to light up the famous environment surrounding the large park known as Civic Square in orange color when it gets dark. A festival of food, drinks and music with entertainment will follow and become the central theme of uniting for safe care through celebrations and giving thanks to healthcare workers.

Asian Society for Quality in Healthcare’s (ASQua) WPSD 2021 Programme

Asian Society for Quality in Health Care (ASQua; — the Malaysia-headquartered network of National Societies from the Asian region dedicated to the improvement of quality in healthcare, marks World Patient Safety Day 2021 with a multinational webinar on the theme of Safe maternal and newborn care. Speakers from USA, Japan, Taiwan and India will deliberate on various aspects related to the theme of World Patient Safety Day 2021.

E-Poster and Video Poster competitions are being conducted for participants across the Asian region and winners will be recognized.

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Aspen Pharmaceuticals: Fórum Internacional para Segurança do Paciente (I International Forum for Patient Safety)

Agenda: September 17 @ 14:00 pm – September 18@ 15:30 pm 

Video Preview:

Date: 09/17/2021

14:00 Opening Jackson Figueiredo e Rosana de Deus
14:30 Round Table: Value in Healthcare
Value in Healthcare
The Art of Applying Anesthesia
The Cost of a Perfect Anesthesia
Moderator: Rita de Cássia
Panelists: Heleno Costa, Marcos Albuquerque and Roberto Manara
15:30 Break
15:40 Round Table: Quality in Healthcare
Clinical Outcomes and TIVA,
Patient Experience
Anesthesia 5.0: Present and Future
Prevention of Medication Errors in the OR
Moderator: Luís Antônio Diego
Panelists: Vicente F. Fonseca, Rafael Bianconi, Diógenes Silva and Mário Borges
16:40 Break
16:50 Round Table: Health Safety
Safe Anesthesia Saves Lives
Sustainability and Anesthesia
Harmless Medications
Caring for the Caregivers
Moderator: André Luis Ottoboni
Panelists: Aline Chibana, Airton Bagatini, Leonardo Kister and Dulce Pereira de Brito
17:50 Presentation: Cardiac Anesthesia: State of the Art Stefan Schraag
18:30 Closing Rosana de Deus, Airton Bagatini, Karina Pires and Jorge Salluh


Date: 09/18/2021

08:30 Opening + Highlights of Day One Jorge Salluh, Airton Bagatini e Karina Pires
09:00 Round Table: Sedation in ICU

Optimizing Sedation for a Faster Weaning

Sedation in Neurocritical Patients

Moderator: William Viana and Bruno Besen

John Kress (Univ. Chicago)

Viviane Veiga

09:50 Break
10:00 Round Table: Sedation and Delirium in the ICU

Value-Based Sedation

PharmacologicTreatment: Does it work?

Moderator: Roberta Castro

Panelists: Jorge Salluh e Paulo Nassar

11:00 Break
11:10 Round Table: Quality of Care in the ICU

AMIB’s role in Quality, Making Wise Choices

National Registries in the ICU

How to measure quality on a daily basis?

Adverse Event Prediction

Moderator: Marcelo Maia

Panelists: Lucas Zambon, Suzana Lobo, Ederlon Rezende e Vicente Souza Dantas

12:10 Lunch
13:20 Round Table: The Impacts of Sepsis in Intensive Care

Patient Safety in the ICU: A Practical Guide for Sepsis Patients

Mechanical Ventilation: Quality Indicators Associated with Outcomes

Biomarkers for Sepsis

Prolonged Sedation with Propofol: Infectious Risks and PRIS

Moderator: Cinthia Grion e Daniela Souza

Jean Louis Vincent (Erasme, Bruxelas, Bélgica)

Jean Daniel Chiche (Univ.Lausanne, Suiça)

Pedro Póvoa (Univ NOVA, Portugal)

Cassia Righy Shinotsuka (FIOCRUZ, IEC)

14:50 Break
15:00 Round Table: Recent studies in ICU, what have we learned?


ICU Visits


Moderator: Juliana Ferreira and Fernando Suparregui Dias

Panelists: Thiago Lisboa, Regis Rosa and Alexandre Biasi

15:30 Closing
  • Sponsor’s Institutions:

SBA – Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology –

SAESP – São Paulo Society of Anesthesiology –

FSP – Patienty Safety Foundation –

IBSP – Brazilian Institute for Patient Safety –

SOBRASP – Brazilian Society for Patient Safety –

SOBECC – OR Nurses Society –

SBRAFH – Brazilian Society of Hospital Farmacy –

AMIB – Brazilian Intensive Care Association –

ISMP – Institute for safety medication practices –

Medical Error Management

One-Day Workshop on Medical Error Management. Attendees will learn the different types of medical errors, how to analyze, manage and prevent medical error recurrence. Know the Bahrain’s Legislation concerned with Medical Error.

Walk for Patient Safety and Light Up the Opera House in Orange

The reason we are walking is to show our support of the slogan that “we must unite for safe care”. To light up the landmark building of the Opera House in orange is to celebrate the World Patient Safety Day at the same time, to raise Taiwan’s international profile based on the success we have achieved so far in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We will be walking 3 km in the vicinity of downtown.

#uniteforsafecare Virtual Event

Baines Occupational Health Services, Zoom Meeting

Baines Occupational Health Services would like to host a Zoom session for Healthcare institutions in Zimbabwe to raise the importance of patient safety. They would also like to develop and distribute brochures on patient safety across Southern Africa.

Light Up Africa for Safe Healthcare Workers and Safe Patient Outcomes

We intend to light up a building with the Orange T-Shirts and we also intend to mobilize people to do a walk holding placards and pictographical materials that reinforce the need for us all to unite for the safety of both the patients and caregivers.
This will be held in Lagos State, Nigeria.

We are also speaking to colleagues in Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa to commit to lighting up a building to promote the same agenda.

#uniteforsafecare Demonstration in Washington, DC

Rotary Fellowship of Doctors and Allied Health Professionals World Patient Safety Day

Hosting a webinar on World Patient Safety Day with Rotarians around the world. Most are unaware of Patient Safety and the WHO initiatives around this, so it will be the first of many as we seek to integrate patient safety into the world-wide Rotary grant programs. Registration required at