You Can Step Up to Take Action

Individual Actions

Explore Ways to Give Back

You can help us reach ZERO

We invite you to get involved as an individual in one or many ways. The options below range from one-time commitments like signing up to follow our progress by email to joining our community to keep a pulse on our work to longer-term roles like participating in workgroups and committees and volunteering to speak in your community.

We will all become patients at some time in our life, we all have a role to play in improving patient safety.

Follow Our Progress

Sign up for emails to keep a pulse on our work and how you can get involved. 

Share Your Story

Whether you’re a patient who has experienced harm, a family member who lost a loved one due to unsafe care, or a health worker who has experienced harm from the other side of the bed, share your story. 

Volunteer Your Time

We welcome you to our crusade to reach ZERO preventable patient deaths. We need your help; learn how you can get involved!

Donate to Our Programs

In order to achieve our bold vision, and mission we rely on individual donations from people like you who realize that patient safety is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. 

Join The Community

Our community connects you with passionate individuals across the world who believe in the common vision of ZERO patient harm and death across the world.

Utilize Our Actionable Patient Safety Solutions™ (APSS™)

Our APSS synthesize best practices to walk users through how to do a performance improvement plan in their own organization.

Co-Create APSS With Us

We invite clinicians, patients and family members, and quality and safety specialists to join one or multiple of our 27+ APSS workgroups.  

Become a Healthcare Safety Fellow

Our Healthcare Safety Fellowship is preparing the next generation of leaders who will create the highly reliable systems of the future.

Apply to The Patient Safety Speakers Coalition

We are looking for speakers to educate students and the general public. We welcome patient safety experts as well as those who have experienced unsafe care to apply.

Apply to Become an Ambassador

Our global Ambassadors are passionate clinicians, administrators, patients, advocates, and more who are helping us to spread the word across the globe about what we can all do to improve patient safety. 

Advocate for Legislative and Regulatory Change

Learn how you can call and write to your elected officials to demand changes that will impact patient safety. You have the power to impact patient safety policy.

Student Practicum Opportunities

We offer opportunities to graduate and postdoctoral level students who are interested in getting hands-on experience in leading patient safety and quality initiatives around the world.

Unite on World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day falls on September 17th every year. Learn how you can get involved and take action leading up to the big day.