Let's Save More Lives


Health care today is not safe for our doctors and nurses, let alone patients. We can and must change that!

Unite for Safe Care – patients, advocates, health workers and leaders, together globally – working to ensure patient and health worker safety in every nation on earth.

World Patient Safety Day
September 17, 2020

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  • Pat Denton
  • Forough Azadi
  • रमेश
  • Dhiraj Kumar
  • Maryam Maheen
  • Abraham Shankar
  • Thomas
  • Venkata Sai
  • Nile Calvin Moss
  • Gaurangkumar Rajesbhai
  • Pravinbhai K. Rathawa
  • Shahnwaj Ansari
  • Mary Louise Baity
  • Theresa Schousek
  • Louise Batz
  • Burt Zipperer
  • Enrico Weigelt
  • Claudine Ross
  • Dinaaz Lentin
  • Joseph Karbelk
  • Alyssa Hemmelgarn
  • Lawrence Godfrey Rayner
  • John Ruddy
  • Emily Jerry
  • Lewis Blackman
  • David Wm. Krause Jr.
  • Margie Aline Vaden
  • Yogiraj Charles Bates
  • Gary Gerard
  • Jim Smith

Pay tribute to someone you know who has been affected by unsafe care:

Marching around the world

Really, health care isn’t safe?

Patient and health worker safety is being compromised by the pandemic ravaging our globe. During this time we’ve all come to the realization that we are all patients — health workers, politicians, celebrities, scientists, families, and entrepreneurs alike.  The core principles that guide the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and drive World Patient Safety Day — safety, transparency, equity, and communication — could not be more important to everyone right now.