Supporting #uniteforsafecare

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The Patient Safety Movement Foundation has garnered the support of hundreds of organizations around the world to raise awareness around patient and health worker safety.

We welcome all groups; hospitals, non-profits, professional associations and societies both within the healthcare industry and beyond. If you are interested in joining the #uniteforsafecare campaign as an official supporter, we’d love to welcome you as a formal supporter or as a Sponsor. 

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Light Up Your Building

Last year the World Health Organization encouraged local governments and businesses to light up buildings and monuments. The pyramids in Egypt, the Jet d’Eau in Geneva and hospitals around the globe were illuminated with orange lights to observe World Patient Safety Day.

In order to maximize visibility, we encourage you to light up the week leading up and including World Patient Safety Day (Monday, September 14 through Thursday, September 17th).

If you have the ability to “turn the switch” and illuminate your building please let us know and we’ll be happy to share pictures of your building on our website and via social media.



We are seeking forward-thinking companies to invest in this event and help us demonstrate that even one loss is one too many. We are not only looking for cash and in-kind donations but also encourage you to create an activity in solidarity on World Patient Safety Day. And, if you offer matching gifts to your staff, that would help us organize the event tremendously.

Please review the attached Sponsorship benefit levels and contact us to go over how you can get more involved!


Become a Supporter

Supporters are the collective body of like-minded visionary leaders that act as official promoters for the #uniteforsafecare campaign, being held on and around World Patient Safety Day, September 17th, 2020

What are the benefits of becoming a supporter?

  • We will display your organization’s name on our website along with other individuals and organizations displaying to the world what we’re all doing to unite for safer care.
  • You will be able to share our digital supporter badge on your website and materials telling your members and partners that you stand for safer care.
  • We will help publicize your organization’s support of World Patient Safety Day:
    • Your organization can record a short 30-second video about why you’ve joined and we will share it with our network!
    • Pre-release of any marketing materials and/or announcements
  • If you are hosting an activity/event on September 17th, we will list your event on our events calendar.

Is there a cost to become a supporter?

No, becoming a supporter is free.

Questions before you join?

We would love to speak with you! If you are interested in supporting the campaign as a supporter, please email us.


MOVE and help us raise awareness.

Walk, run, jog, bike, roller skate, and even “scoot”… and as you move, track your steps, and we will show people that patient and health worker safety is a global priority by sharing that people like you have chosen to dedicate your steps through our cause. Our steps, collectively, can be used to help move our congressional leaders and the media to prioritize and recognize patient and health worker safety for the global public health crisis that is silently killing millions of people each year.

For every mile you move, you help fundraise for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a corporate sponsorship pool. You can also create your own team and ask your friends and family to join, or pledge to support you.

Download Charity Miles and help us raise awareness about patient safety while you exercise. Donations made through the app will benefit our #uniteforsafecare campaign and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

We’ve developed a FAQ for setting up your Charity Miles account.