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Your fundraising will help advance our mission, education programs, and advocacy work to improve patient safety, and save lives. This will increase our capacity to build new resources and solutions that will positively impact health workers and patients, globally.

Every dollar you donate helps us get closer to eliminating preventable patient harm and death.

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Medical errors are a global threat and highly preventable. Download and share this graphic using the #uniteforsafecare.

Your Support Makes Care Safe

In the United States, it is alarming that medical errors are the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Globally, preventable complications following medical care contribute to more deaths than people dying from HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis (TB) combined, and this estimate is likely to increase during these unprecedented times. Much of this harm is preventable and all these people die needlessly.

This issue affects us all, no matter our age or race or the size of our bank accounts. We do know that people of color experience harm more frequently when they seek health care and we must unite to address this epidemic. Together we can find solutions and bridge this major gap in our system.

Fast facts:

  • Globally our hospitals are being overwhelmed by the global pandemic sweeping our world.
  • Patient and health worker safety are in grave danger.
  • Before this pandemic began it was estimated that globally more than 13,150 people every day were dying hospitals in ways that could have been prevented. 
  • Our caregivers, nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists, are now also taking the brunt and are dying due to the lack of system preparedness.
  • If we had made the safety of our health system for both caregivers and patients our number one priority many lives would have been saved. We must learn from this, we must act to make safety our top priority and we must ensure this never happens again.
  • There’s no single villain to blame, it’s the systems that have been set up ineffectively and the lack of transparency in delivering care.  
  • When we don’t talk about medical errors openly and honestly, the same mistakes happen again and again. Silence impedes learning and perpetuates preventable harm, too often resulting in unnecessary harm and deaths.

This is unacceptable. This could affect you or a loved one tomorrow.