The Team


The #uniteforsafecare campaign was founded by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation but wouldn’t be possible without the support and volunteerism of hundreds of people across the globe. 

In January of 2019, about two dozen patient safety advocates gathered in Huntington Beach, California (as pictured to the right) to discuss how to move the needle from the patient and family perspective. One of those ideas was a March for Patient Safety. A small group of volunteers took that idea and forming a steering committee to start researching what it would take to organize such an event.

We hope to “March” in 2021, this year we believe that raising public awareness is our first step to organizing a successful March in the future. That group of patients, family members, clinicians, administrators, and members of the media have made this a reality. 

Thank You to Our Volunteers

The team would like to express our gratitude for the amount of volunteer time invested in going through the feasibility process of what it would take to plan and produce this campaign over the last year. The following volunteers worked on the earliest plans conceptualizing how to raise awareness. Thank you for your time and talents!

Abbasseh Towfigh
Agu Obasi
Alan Levine
Alicia Cole
Allison Kooijman
Armandoi Nahum
Bernadette Wilson
Brent Nilbarger
Carol & Ty Moss
Carole Hemmelgarn
Caroline Mitchell
David Kodama
David Sibbet
Diane Perez
Gisla Wendling
Helen Haskell
Irene Mulonni
James Titcombe

Javier Davila Torres
John J, Nance
John T. James
Julia Hallisy
Julie Morath
Kay Van Way
Kaye Meier
Lakshimi Jayaram
Laura Townsend
Lisa Juliar
Manvir Victor
Mari Miceli
Marty Hatlie
Michele Ramos
Mike Eisenberg
Mingi Chan Liao
Patricia Merryweather
Parker Hayden

Paul Ordal
Paul Pomerantz
Penny Cowan
Rachel Weissburg
Raj Ratwani
Rex Johnson
Rob Robson
Ryan Sidorchuk
Soojin Jun
Senator Barbara Boxer
Steph Newell
Steve Burrows
Thomas Kallstrom
Tony Galbo
Victoria Baskett
Vonda Vaden Bates
Yanling Yu