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Our campaign gives you a voice — in combination with the collective voices of the millions who believe we should all have access to safe care — to advocate for change.

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What Can You Do?

It will take action every day leading up September 17th, World Patient Safety Day, to build momentum. We’ve outlined different ways you can take action, whether you’re a giver or a receiver of care, or someone who stands behind patient and health worker safety and the need for safe care for all.


Use #uniteforsafecare to spread awareness

A recent survey conducted by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation in April of 2020 revealed that:

  • Surprisingly, 70% of Americans hadn’t heard anything about medical error in their communities. The majority (79%) felt that going to a hospital was safe.
  • Only 34% of Americans had heard of medical error and could actually identify the common definition of the term.
  • 64% of Americans can’t relate to the term. They say they and their loved ones haven’t been affected, yet we know that harm occurs in one out of ten hospital visits.
  • 65% of respondents felt that most medical errors could be prevented.

Click here for more information on the poll results.

Whether you’re a new parent who has just learned about patient safety and wants to be able to advocate for your new baby or a seasoned ICU nurse, please share this information. Medical errors are impacting our communities with very little visibility. We must raise awareness about how to improve patient and health worker safety.


MOVE and help us raise awareness.

Walk, run, jog, bike, rollerskate, and even “scoot”… and as you move, track your steps, and we will show people that patient and health worker safety is a global priority by sharing that people like you have chosen to dedicate your steps through our cause. Our steps, collectively, can be used to help move our congressional leaders and the media to prioritize and recognize patient and health worker safety for the global public health crisis that is silently killing millions of people each year.

For every mile you move, you help fundraise for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation from a corporate sponsorship pool. You can also create your own team and ask your friends and family to join, or pledge to support you.

Download Charity Miles and help us raise awareness about patient safety while you exercise. Donations made through the app will benefit our #uniteforsafecare campaign and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

We’ve developed a FAQ for setting up your Charity Miles account.


Attend the Virtual World Patient Safety Day Event

On World Patient Safety Day, September 17th, 2020, gather with your friends and families (with physical distancing and masks) to learn about how you can protect yourself as a patient, and serve as an advocate for your loved ones who are receiving medical care.  The Annual World Patient Safety Day will be celebrated globally to reiterate the importance of health care safety and raise global awareness.  

We will be hosting a 3-hour virtual event connecting patients, health workers, policymakers, celebrities, and global citizens uniting together to learn how patient and health worker safety can be advanced and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones. 

This event will include memorials and tributes to honor loved ones who are no longer with us due to medical harm. We will celebrate the patients who have survived medical harm, and recognize the frontline workers who are committed to make health care safe. We plan to stream global activities taking place across the world, while educating and entertaining you along the way.

More details to come.

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