What We Do

Develop and Disseminate Patient Safety Education

Educating everyone to advance patient safety

Making healthcare safer for all

We create and share actionable patient safety education for everyone in the world involved in making healthcare safer, including governing bodies, healthcare professionals, students, patients, families, and the public through our free Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) and events.


Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)

Actionable tools addressing every day patient safety challenges

Our Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) were first developed in 2012 but have been revised every year since. And, the types of APSS we offer have now expanded from evidence-based best practice documents – our APSS Blueprints – to now educational resources, virtual coaching and opportunities for students to learn and grow in the world of patient safety.


Our APSS Blueprints are evidence-based best practice summaries to facilitate performance improvement around a number of leading patient safety topics that result in harm and death.

Educational Resources

Our library includes content curated by the PSMF as well as links to other leading patient safety resources across the web. Resources include: videos, webinars, blogs, webpages, white papers, journal articles, and presentations.

Virtual Coaching

Organizations that “Commit to ZERO” are eligible for free virtual patient safety coaching. We’ll walk a team in your organization through an entire improvement project, from problem identification and current state assessment through evaluation of outcomes, via a Train the Trainer approach.

Tools for Improving Safety in Healthcare Organizations

These tools include evidence-based best practice guidelines, improvement plans, and clinical workflows, virtual improvement coaching, a library of resources, student experiences, opportunities for shared learning, and more.

Tools for Improving Safety for Patients, Families and the Public

If you are a current or future patient or will be advocating for someone you love, check out the resources we’ve compiled to empower you with the knowledge you need to stay safe.

Events Carrying Continuing Education (CE) Credits

We supply free CE credits for our webinars, performance improvement workshops as well as our World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit. 

Events for the General Public

We provide activities and events for the general public to take advantage of – to build awareness and empower them to take action on behalf of themselves and their loved ones.