Tools for Improving Safety in Healthcare Organizations

Actionable Tools To Achieve ZERO Harm

Improving Patient Safety Is Hard

See what tools we've put together to make it easier

Our goal is to share tools that can help aid implementation, equip our future leaders and empower our patients their advocates. Check out our free Actionable Patient Safety Solutions™ (APSS™), opportunities to bring patient safety experts into your organization to help coach your performance improvement teams, shared learning network to celebrate successes, and tools to help educate your students, your patients, and your employees.


Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)

Actionable tools addressing every day patient safety challenges

Our Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) were first developed in 2012 but have been revised every year since. And, the types of APSS we offer have now expanded from evidence-based best practice documents – our APSS Blueprints – to now educational resources, virtual coaching and opportunities for students to learn and grow in the world of patient safety.


Our APSS Blueprints are evidence-based best practice summaries to facilitate performance improvement around a number of leading patient safety topics that result in harm and death.

Educational Resources

Our library includes content curated by the PSMF as well as links to other leading patient safety resources across the web. Resources include: videos, webinars, blogs, webpages, white papers, journal articles, and presentations.

Virtual Coaching

Organizations that “Commit to ZERO” are eligible for free virtual patient safety coaching. We’ll walk a team in your organization through an entire improvement project, from problem identification and current state assessment through evaluation of outcomes, via a Train the Trainer approach.

Inspiring Action through Education

The Shared Learning Network is an added layer to disseminate the projects you complete to help others emulate your success. Our low-cost High Reliability Strategic Plan Coaching is geared towards organizations who want to become highly reliable organizations (HROs) but need some help kick-starting the process.

Shared Learning Network

We invite healthcare organizations to share their patient safety improvements and successes with the Network.

High Reliability Strategic Plan Coaching

Low-cost coaching for healthcare organizations who are ready to start a journey towards high reliability but don’t know where to begin.

For Your Employees, Students and Patients

Other tools you can share to improve patient safety

In addition to administrative and clinical support tools we have also developed opportunities to educate patients, families, students and even your employees who don’t provide care directly. Everyone can benefit from patient safety education.

  • Education for Your Patients
  • Education for Your Students
  • Education for Your Employees

Student Experiences

We offer experiences for those in graduate and doctoral healthcare programs seeking an opportunity for applied, flexible learning with a global network of experts at their fingertips.

Invite Us To Speak to Your Employees or Your Students

The Patient Safety Speakers Coalition pairs patient safety experts with patients and family members who have experienced unsafe care to present to students of all kinds – nursing, medical, pharmacy, allied health, and more.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources for hospitalized patients, the general public, clinicians, and hospital administrators included, along with vaccine information.


The PatientAider ® mobile app providers patients and family members with information to stay safe before, during, and after their hospital visit.